The Spanish banking sector is facing the challenge of the digital transformation of its services. Entities are making large investments in the digitization of processes and services, but what benefits do users perceive today? What are your expectations of digital banking?

Last year we carried out a study that revealed that 38% of Spanish banking customers confess to being active users of digital banking, reaching 85% in certain socioeconomic segments. However, it also showed that there are still significant gaps between expectations and services offered. Above all, in terms of ease of operation and homogeneity of its online banking.

Another notable trend is that, despite the fact that 56% of digital customers stated that they would like to have a completely digital relationship with their bank, without having to go through the branches, there are still 44% of customers who seek advice and close treatment when we talk about acquiring products with a certain complexity such as mortgages or making some type of investment. This proximity can take place in an office, by videoconference or through a chat with a remote manager with sufficient knowledge to give you personalized advice.

Among the conclusions of the report, it should be noted that entities must promote the digital behavior of customers to the extent that they make better tools and simpler and faster processes available to them. In addition, they face the challenge of making relevant offers and generating personal interactions with high added value to take advantage of sales opportunities and have an advantage over their competitors.