TP-Link Deco W7200 is a tri-band mesh communication solution, with two pieces (router and extender), which promises to connect the entire home wirelessly under the Wi-Fi 6 standard at a very affordable price.

Wi-Fi 6 is the new wireless standard that came promising to change the landscape of wireless connectivity to networks with improvements in all areas compared to Wi-Fi 5. Most new mid-range mobile phones, tablets or personal computers up they support, but the routers needed to support it tend to have high prices.

TP-Link Deco W7200 is one of the cheapest solutions advertised. Although it does not support the improvement of the standard ( Wi-Fi 6E ) and therefore cannot access the 6 GHz band, it offers interesting features for any home or home office, extracting the features of the standard: a theoretical performance of up to 10 Gb / s, higher reliability, lower power consumption and better handling of connected devices.

TP-Link’s solution uses three connection bands, a 2.4 GHz band with limited top speeds but with a longer range and two 5 GHz bands with higher performance. One of them is used as a dedicated wireless backhaul connection between the router and the extender and this means that your web traffic will not have to compete with the transmissions of the system itself and this has a big impact on performance, especially when connecting from zones. further afield and this system in Maya needs to route traffic through the extender. For spaces that need more coverage, additional extenders can be added.

In practice, the maximum speeds of each band added together allow speeds of up to 3,600 Mbps, more than enough for most homes. Although it is intended to create wireless networks, each unit also has Ethernet ports in case you want to connect equipment via cable.

The solution can be configured and controlled through the TP-Link Tether application for Android or iOS mobile terminals in a very simple way. What can we expect from the Google Pixel 6?

TP-Link Deco W7200 is officially priced at $ 229 and will be available internationally soon. Its price is very contained for a two-piece and triple-band mesh solution with Wi-Fi 6 and an alternative to Wi-FI 6E routers that, like the last one that we present to you, NETGEAR Orbi, have a very high price.