As we recommend in our post on tips for traveling to India, when planning your trip to India we recommend having travel insurance for India (or Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, …) In these countries, simple medical care is usually economical, and so are medications. In fact, the number of pharmacies in Indian cities is surprising. We usually recommend to our clients that they do not carry a large first aid kit, and especially that they buy mosquito repellent in India, as it is much cheaper and equal or more effective than the one that can be bought in the country of origin. The famous repellent from India is called Odomos and can be found in any pharmacy.

Although, as we said, the medical attention that you may require on your trip to India, Nepal, and the Maldives would normally be cheap, any complication that requires hospitalization, operations, etc … does involve a large outlay, since health is private. It is at this time that we remember that it would have been better to have Travel Insurance for India, which, for an amount many times less than we think, would cover us for any type of incident.

Travel insurance for India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and other countries with Incredible India and IATI

To try to make life a little easier for travelers, Incredible India has an agreement with IATI Insurance whereby our clients and followers would have a 5% discount on the already good prices offered to travelers for their insurance traveling to India. To take a look at their policies you have to click on the image or use the link and we can see the different options for our trip with the corresponding discount.

Although we can consult doubts by phone, email or even go to their offices to learn more about the different policies, we must remember that to get the discount you have to contract through the link above. This discount is valid for all your trips, not only for the countries where we as a company can organize your trip: India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives.

IATI is a great option for your travel to India insurance because they have a wide range of travel policies with different levels of coverage and even special products for backpackers or families with children, and in all their insurance options they directly assume the bills for what you do not have to advance anything and they do not have franchises either.

Travel insurance price for India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, or the Maldives in 2020.

The price depends on the policy contracted, which has different coverages, from the most economical to the most complete that cover extreme sports, mountain up to 5000 meters, cancellation, etc…. IATI is very flexible and allows us to choose the option that best suits our trip. You simply have to enter Travel Insurance, and with the data of our trip we will see the different options and prices from only € 25 / USD 30.

Cancellation insurance: Travel insurance for India that covers in case of cancellation

One of the great advantages of IATI travel insurance policies for India (Nepal, Sri Lanka,…) is the cancellation option. For a little more when hiring our insurance we can add a cancellation option that covers up to € 2,500 (depending on the policy) in case of canceling the trip for any of the assumptions included in the policy. Here are some examples:

Some causes of cancellation covered by travel cancellation insurance to India

For health reasons

Due to death, hospitalization, or serious illness

Due to the death, hospitalization or serious illness of the insured, their spouse, first and second-degree ascendants or descendants, brothers, in-laws, brothers-in-law, sons-in-law or daughters-in-law, uncles, or nephews.

Medical quarantine

Call for surgery or urgent medical tests

Preterm delivery or unforeseen complications in pregnancy

Appointment for an organ transplant

The aftermath of vaccination necessary for a trip

For legal reasons

Convocation of a court of law

Call for a polling station

Call for the signing of official documents

Delivery of a child for adoption

Summons for divorce proceedings

No unexpected granting of visas

Police retention of the insured for non-criminal causes

Imposition of a traffic fine

Withdrawal of the driving license

For Laboral reason


Presentation of an ere

Incorporation to a new job

The forced relocation of workplace

Official competitions called after the acquisition of the policy

Dismissal of the insured’s parents

Extension of employment contract

For extraordinary causes

Acts of air, land, or naval piracy

Catastrophic zone or epidemic

Suspension of payments or bankruptcy of the company

Serious damage to the home or professional premises

Urgent incorporation to the armed forces, police, or firefighters

Other causes

Cancellation of the companion insured in the same policy for one of these causes

Parallel income statement over € 600

Breakdown or theft of the insured’s vehicle that prevents starting the trip

Theft of documentation or luggage that prevents starting the trip

Wedding ceremony cancellation

Obtaining a trip and/or stay similar to that contracted in a public draw

Award of official scholarships

Change of school with the school year already started

* These are just some examples, click on the link to see the complete and updated conditions.

You can also take out specific cancellation insurance with coverage of up to € 6,000 in which these causes are further expanded.

Travel insurance for sports, mountain, trekking, and adventure in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and the Maldives

Many travelers to these countries carry out sports, mountain, water activities … which can carry certain risks, so we recommend that you go insured.

The Travel Insurance IATI Estrella and Estrella Premium,  as well as being the most complete of IATI, cover the practice of the following activities, provided they are not the main reason for the trip and not conducted on a professional basis and/or competition:

Athletics, gym activities, ranching (capes, etc.),
basketball, motorboats (with driver), bike rides, canoeing, curling,
shooting / small game sports, organized balloon
tours, general hiking, jogging, soccer, golf, pedal boats, ball
games, beach games, and other beach and camping activities, karts, kayaking,
jet skis, snowmobiles, swimming, sailing, orienteering,
paddle surfing, paddle tennis, paintball, tourist walk helicopter, skating, fishing,
canoeing, Tibetan bridge, snowshoeing, climbing wall, 4 × 4 routes,
Segway, hiking , snorkelingsurfing and windsurfing, tennis, zip line, trekking below
3,000 meters of altitude, sledding in ski resorts, sledding with dogs
(mushing), equestrian tourism, and any other activity with similar

It can also be improved, with an additional 15% on the premium (with a
minimum premium of 25 euros), to cover the practice of winter sports and the adventure activities mentioned below, with a limit on the economic amount of the guarantee of medical and health care of 25,000 euros, when the claim occurs abroad, or 3,000 euros when the claim takes place in Spain. Learn more about moving company.


Whitewater, airsoft, canyoning, diving, and underwater activities
less than 20 meters deep, bouldering up to 8 meters high,
horse riding, sport climbing, fencing, caving less than 150 meters
deep, water skiing, fly surfing, hydro bomb, hydrospeed, kitesurfing,
cycling, mountain bike tours, psychobloc up to 8 meters
high, quads, rafting, rappelling, bungee jumping, survival, trekking up to 5,000
meters of altitude, and any other activity with similar characteristics.
The coverage of “RESCUE OF PEOPLE” will also apply: ARAG
guarantees the rescue of the injured insured, up to a maximum cost of 5,000
euros, per person and claim.

Travel insurance for India IATI for non-residents in Spain

At this time, all IATI insurance can be purchased for trips that do not exceed 120 days in duration. Therefore, the IATI Bloggers and Large Travelers is the only product that could not be contracted since it is exclusive for trips of more than 6 months.

IATI doubles travel insurance medical assistance limits.

This 2018 IATI has also increased the limits of spending on medical assistance in all varieties of its travel insurance for India and all destinations. And in some, the price has dropped. We summarize below:

IATI Bloggers Long Term and Multi-trip
coverage almost triples.
From € 70,000 to € 200,000 World
From € 20,000 to € 50,000 Europe

IATI Estrella – from € 100,000 to € 200,000
At IATI Estrella Premium, the limit for medical expenses has increased by
250% to € 500,000.
From € 200,000 to € 500,000

IATI Backpackers, the adventure product  with diving and trekking up to
From € 60,000 to € 100,000

And the price has been reduced.

IATI Basic – from € 15,000 to € 30,000
IATI Standard – from € 40,000 to € 80,000
IATI Family – from € 40,000 to € 80,000

Who is IATI – Travel insurance

IATI is an insurance brokerage, created in 1885 and with insurance activity for 4 generations when trips were made only by boat.

They are always committed to being close to their clients and offering them a personalized service, and thanks to new technologies they are available 24 hours a day. And even if they sell their insurance online, behind there is a great team of people at your service.

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