Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and companies must adapt to change or they will be left behind. The so-called digital transformation has practically become a mandatory requirement for businesses that want to continue progressing. In today’s article, entitled “Trends in digitization: companies and digital transformation” we analyze 5 key trends in digital transformation that tell us where the most successful companies are going .

Business digitization: what do we mean when we talk about digital transformation?

When we talk about digital transformation we are not referring to having the information dumped into a CRM, to having a web page or an online store; not even to the computerization of processes or data. Talking about digital transformation is talking about concepts as in vogue as big data, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, data in the cloud … Much is expected of 2019 in terms of the digitization of companies and that is why we analyze in this article the 5 key trends of digital transformation.

Digital transformation trends

Cloud data

It is already very common to work with data in the cloud. After a few years of use, its usefulness and effectiveness is more than proven. The novelty in terms of its future is the interconnection between public, private and hybrid clouds . The multicloud concept will begin to be heard with more force, since the needs of businesses of all kinds have spoken and the discourse is unanimous: the combination between the different types of cloud is the ideal formula to have a better accessibility of the data . Not forgetting, however, security and optimization , which are so important in this environment.

Evolution of chatbots

If you think that chatbots have a diffuse utility, you may not know that around 40% of large companies have this type of digital help for the user. And it is that, beyond the limitations of the language, which is expected to have improved considerably by the end of the year, chatbots allow collecting huge amounts of user information. Of course, a lot of work must be done on the naturalness of the conversations, but artificial intelligence is already working on it and very soon we will ask for food at home or a loan directly from an intelligent robot.

Machine Learning as a marketing tool

Successful businesses know that they must focus on the user to meet their demands. The machine learning is the ideal way to carry out effective marketing campaigns automated and effectively, even in real time. All this thanks to data collection.

And it is estimated that 90% of the data has been created worldwide but that only 1% is being used: the potential is enormous. In the fight for the digitization of companies, and digital transformation, it is evident that working on machine learning, marketing automation and data analysis is key to the progress and success of companies.

The importance of the GDPR

Until now, many companies had user data without their permission or used it fraudulently or unethically. With the activation of the new regulation on data protection, the RGPD, a very important box opens in terms of the relationship with the client. And it is that, from now on, the relationship of companies with their clients must be worked in a more responsible way and establishing more personal communications . Augmented reality vs virtual reality

Surely you remember the worldwide success of Pokémon Go. Perhaps his secret lay in the mix between virtual game and his intrusion into the real world. Augmented reality applied to other areas is emerging as successful , at least before virtual reality triumphs (beyond the world of video games).

One of the examples of augmented reality in companies is the one that stores of all kinds can already apply so that customers can interact with each of the items and, therefore, spend more time in the stores . Knowing the price of a pair of pants, sharing a photo of a pair of shoes on social networks, seeing how the garment fits even before trying it on … Augmented reality has many possibilities.

As you can see, the digitization of companies goes through many fields and it is necessary to study case by case to see what the technological possibilities of each sector are. From data protection to multicloud data work , if one thing is definitive it is that new technologies have come to the business world to stay.

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