The perfect mix between tourism and commercial vehicle. It was in 2020 when the brand presented its 5th generation of the Caddy, now having the opportunity to test it in great detail in its 122 hp Kombi Origin 2.0 TDI version.

A big change from its previous generation is seen, also due to the new platform used by Volkswagen, the MQB that it shares with the new Golf in its eighth generation. Know more about Buick ne shitje.

Fully tourism design

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The normal variant is redesigned to enable 5 or 7 seats , providing a 1,213 liter boot with 5 seats , while the extended wheelbase Maxi variant is only available with 7 seats.

The platform change gives the Caddy Kombi a more pragmatic and powerful appearance that has some similarities with the Golf, highlighting the front view with a significant height of the bonnet and incorporating a new grille that blends easily with the front bumper.

It improves its aerodynamic coefficient up to 0.30 CX , although in this type of vehicle some dynamic noises will always be produced due to its very constitution.

The new Caddy is much more muscular than its predecessor , with a more compact appearance and a glazed surface for excellent visibility. Its two sliding side doors provide easy access to the interior, although the rear side windows are fixed.

Seen from behind , you can see a large tailgate with an imposing rear window, with narrow vertical optics that join protruding upper wings, giving shape to a line of shoulders that is typical of a design SUV.

More qualitative interior

The jump is remarkable with a dashboard similar in design to the Golf 8 of perceived high quality, fully digitized with a 10” screen for the infotainment systems and a touch panel with air conditioning and light functions .

The new steering wheel is multifunction , with an automatic gear lever very similar to that of the Golf and a newly designed push-button electric brake .

The driving position is correct for a commercial vehicle, somewhat higher than in a passenger car , with a greater inclination of the steering wheel and a multi-adjustable and really comfortable driver’s seat , although with improved lateral support.

The second row of seats provides a 2+1 configuration, with the seats folding and reclining forwards, providing an impressive feeling of interior space that is further enhanced by the luminosity provided by its 1.4 m2 panoramic roof .

Driving dynamics and technology

The technology that incorporates the new Caddy is quite a lot , the most notable contents being:

  • 18 security systems (new reference in the segment in security and driving aids).
  • Reversing with “Rear View ” camera.
  • Travel Assist , making driving extraordinarily easy regardless of the speed at which you are driving.
  • Multifunction steering wheel with sensors that detect if you have your hands on it, when you release it automatically the system sends instructions to the management to avoid accidents, warning the driver and keeping the vehicle in the lane or braking it if necessary with great precision .

On the other hand, the good dynamics and safety that is perceived behind the wheel of this new Caddy is very striking , which in principle is due to various factors:

  • New rigid rear axle with swinging arms with Panhard bar (previously leaf springs).
  • McPherson structure on the front axle , which adds good sensations of stability when cornering and outstanding city maneuverability.
  • New steering , very precise and harder with an increased turning radius.
  • Hard setting of the suspension.

High-efficiency propeller and transmission

The Kombi Origin version that we have tested has a 2.0 TDI diesel engine with 122 hp (90 kW), a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DSG) and exclusively front-wheel drive.

This change can be used as semi-automatic through the use of the paddles on the steering wheel , with a very remarkable smoothness that helps great driving comfort.

The engine with its generous displacement provides good reactions in low and pushes strongly from 1,600 rpm. It is very useful both in urban areas and on the road, and even in the mountains due to its quick responses, which do not seem to be the usual in a specialized delivery car.

In the test we were able to verify a fairly tight consumption , between 4.5 liters/100 km at low speeds on the highway and 5.3 liters/100 km at an average level, consumption in which the ” Stop & Start ” collaborates very actively in the city. ” what includes.

In short, the new Volkswagen Caddy Kombi is, without a doubt , more tourism than a van , thanks to the many virtues mentioned, highlighting its great habitability and versatility and its high-quality finishes . Arguments that accredit him as a useful vehicle for families along with the usual work of the professional.

Also noteworthy is its good propulsion performance , its fairly low consumption and its great load capacity , with a dynamic behavior very close to that of a minivan as a whole.

Its technology positions it as a benchmark in the segment in which it competes, being, without a doubt, a worthy successor to a model that has sold more than 3 million units in its previous 4 generations.

Technical characteristics

ENGINE:  TypeTurbodiesel, 4 cylinders in line, 4 valves per cylinder
Displacement (cc)1,968cc
Max power/rpm122 hp (90 kW) / 2,750-4,400
Max torque/rpm320 Nm /1,600-2,500
Combined CO2 emissions (WLTP)134g/km
Emissions regulationsEuro6 (2021)


Vel. Maximum (km/h)186


CONSUMPTION (World Engine)
Urban (average speed 28.4 km/h)5.9
Interurban (average speed 85.5 km/h)4.5
Motorway/highway (average speed 114.8 km/h)5.6
Combined (average speed 90.2 km/h)5.3


PVP (Discounts not included)Professional Clients:

€27,960 (VAT and Transport included)

Private clients:

€32,460 (VAT, transport and registration tax included)

Warranty2 years unlimited km