A CRM allows us to manage the relationships we maintain with clients. It is essential to choose a CRM software tool to gain synchronization and autonomy in organizations and in each process that is involved in the development of the company’s activity. New business opportunities and cost reduction are at stake. But how do you know which one is the most convenient? What are the types of CRM that exist? Coming up next, we tell you.

What is a CRM? 

In sectors that involve sales and marketing, having a CRM is essential. This tool allows us to detect potential new customers retain current ones and also reduce the costs that are dedicated to customer service. In addition, with the right strategy, inactive or lost customers can be recovered. CRM is a very complete digital tool that helps to minimize costs and optimize tasks thanks to automation.

Types of CRM

The types of CRM available in the market allow us to have greater control of the processes of each department. There are three main types of CRM:

  • Operational CRM
  • Analytical CRM
  • Collaborative CRM

Customer relationship management systems are used to make many processes automatic and to record and store data in an organized manner. The idea is to improve the volume of sales through a much more agile handling of the data as well as the quality of the data analysis.

Operational CRM

The operational CRM is a solution that focuses on the tasks of the commercial, marketing and customer service areas . To achieve its mission, it consists of two different parts: a back office and a front office .

The back office is not accessible to customers, it is only accessible internally. This part is where the organization processes happen. On the other hand, the front office involves direct contact with customers. Examples of this contact are the attention of telephone calls, and the accomplishment of sales.

Analytical CRM

As its name suggests, an analytical CRM will allow the analysis of results by comparing past and present data and pointing towards trends . For this, it uses techniques in data mining or Data Mining.

This type of CRM makes it easier for us to detect the way forward and where to find new opportunities for the business to prosper. The segmentation of the targets in the creation of campaigns is typical of this type of approach. The power CRM for your business, Know more of It.

Collaborative CRM

With this type of CRM we manage the interactions between the company and its customers. We are talking here about a multi-channel interaction: chat, telephone, social networks … This type of diverse strategies must be centralized and flow in harmony and a collaborative CRM is ideal to carry out these tasks.

Types of CRM according to access

Depending on the way in which we access the application, we speak of CRM in the cloud or CRM on Premise.

CRM on Premise

Developed by the organization itself, created to exact needs and also managed completely by the company . They are a type of CRM that is installed on servers paid for by the company and that involves installing the tool on the workstations of the company’s people. Due to all these characteristics, its cost is high.

CRM in the cloud

Cloud-hosted CRMs represent a paradigm shift. It is a tool owned by the company that has developed it and provides the service to another company. Save space and time in managing licenses.

Salesforce, the most complete CRM

After this brief analysis, the conclusion is drawn that having a CRM is essential for the success of the business . The market offers many options today, but one of the most recommended and with the best reputation is Salesforce.

With more than 17 years of experience, Saleforce has managed to stand out from its competitors thanks to the functionalities available, the constant improvement in the UX, the personalized attention and the way in which it allows all parties to interact.

The activity of the company, the budget and the guarantee of usability should lead towards the decision to use some types of CRM over others. There is no doubt that manual tasks should give way to their automation in order to optimize the company’s resources.

In this sense, at Cognodata we trust the capacity of one of the best CRMs such as Salesforce. Being Salesforce Silver Partners and offering integration and implementation services for this tool capable of optimizing the marketing and sales results of a company.

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