When you are looking to train professionally, it is normal that you are interested in knowing what digital marketing jobs exist or if you will find a good job. And of course, knowing what the salary will be for those jobs. In this field there is a great variety of profiles for companies. So we are going to analyze Digital Marketing jobs and what our salary would be.

If you want to train professionally in Digital Marketing, you should know that this is one of the fields with the lowest unemployment rate in all of Spain. So a great opportunity will open to you to go out into the professional world in many job profiles. Digital has revolutionized everything, so you will not only prepare for a specific professional profile. There is a great variety of jobs related to Digital Marketing and, therefore, there is also a great variety of salaries that you can have if you decide to study it professionally.

From Community Manager to CMO

As you can see, the work framework is huge and you may have the skills to employ yourself in any of the profiles to which you will have access. You just have to demonstrate a decisive capacity, creativity, be innovative and above all adapt to changes that occur suddenly in this new world, where change is normal. As a professional in Digital Marketing, you will easily perform in any of the profiles that we will teach you below. However, for some of these, apart from a good experience, you could be better qualified by complementing your studies. For example, if you want to become CMO (Marketing Director), it would be very good for you to choose to continue your studies by doing the MBA that we teach at Euncet .

Starting with the basics, the Community Manager

Perhaps it is one of the best known Digital Marketing jobs, due to its closeness through social networks with users. In this job, you could earn between € 16,000 and € 45,000 per year.

Traffic managers

Other terms that you might associate with Digital Marketing are SEO and SEM. Jobs as SEO Consultant, SEM Specialist, SEM Responsible, SEO Responsible, Traffic Manager, Trafficker, are included in this category where you must be responsible for reaching your target audience, with tasks such as positioning in the SERPS, organically or in a payment. Managing and carrying out the strategies to obtain quality traffic. You can have an annual salary of between € 20,000 and € 40,000, even in some of them you could earn up to € 60,000. 4 smart digital marketing goals in a SMART strategy.

Content-driven creativity and strategy

If you are a lover of Digital Marketing, you will understand that content is perhaps the most important thing in any campaign you carry out. You will start to find jobs such as Branded Content Specialist, Content Manager, Copywriter, Digital Product Manager, SEO Specialist, SEO Copywriter, SEO Growth Hacker, where the annual salaries for these jobs are between € 25,000 and € 60,000.

Strategists and Managers

We began to raise the demand for the skills of potential candidates for these Digital Marketing jobs and we began to delve into the profiles where greater management and strategy is seen. Social Media Manager, Digital Project Manager, CRM Manager, Media Planner, Social Analytics, Inbound Marketing Specialist, Digital Analyst and Growth Hacker … Much more responsibility already falls on your shoulders, therefore the expected salaries for these jobs range from € 30,000 to € 60,000 per year.

The leaders

The greater the responsibility, the greater the reward. Would you like to become a Digital Marketing Manager? Or maybe, would you like to be an e-Commerce Manager? If you have the wood of a leader to occupy these positions, which you will surely be able to do, you would have a salary between € 50,000 and € 120,000 a year. Not bad, huh?

CMO – Marketing Director

Do you want to be the leader within leaders? Manage the entire team, not just Digital. You must acquire a good experience and do not forget that the postgraduate degree in Marketing Management from Euncet Business School , with an official degree from the UPC, would be a great help to achieve it. So you could win from € 75,000 to € 150,000. Do you accept the challenge?

Safe work is what you want, and studying Digital Marketing is a guarantee of it. You have already seen all the possibilities and opportunities that open up in the world of work, and surely you will fit perfectly in any of the jobs that we have put in this post, as it is also certain that you will be able to climb positions until you become a CMO one day.