As Christmas approaches, the windows fill with decorations and gift ideas and the streets light up. It is inevitable that you want to decorate the house and fill everything with magic at this time. It is at that precise moment when the tradition of the Christmas tree makes sense. Young and old share a complicity moment around the tree they have chosen. It is the perfect occasion to get together with family and get fully into the Christmas atmosphere. But do you know when to put the Christmas tree? Here are our tips to do it at the right time.

When is the Christmas tree put up? Two weeks before to preserve a beautiful natural fir

The tradition of the Christmas tree is not that old, it comes from a custom of the Germanic countries during the Renaissance. In Spain, the first person to put up a Christmas tree was Sofía Troubetzkoy, a Russian princess (widow of Napoleon’s half-brother) who married José Osorio, a Spanish aristocrat and military man, in 1869. The first Christmas they spent Together it was in the Alcañices Palace (where the Bank of Spain is today) and Sofía Troubetzkoy asked that they place a decorated fir tree. It is rumored, however, that the origin of the Christmas tree dates back to the Celts (between 2000 and 1200 BC), who chose the fir as a symbol of rebirth of the Sun. This ancient tradition was lost with the centuries passed to reappear much later among the aristocracy.

One of the traditions is to decorate the tree 12 days before Christmas, that is, from December 13. It is a good option if you are thinking of placing a natural fir, as it will keep well until New Year’s Eve. The advantage of Nordmann firs is that they do not shed too many leaves and last a long time (up to 8 weeks if potted with roots). Spruce is a tree that leaves a stronger smell, but is less resistant. 7 Mexican Christmas Food for Dinner – It is Super Amazing.

When is the Christmas tree put up? One month before in the case of an artificial tree

With artificial fir trees there are no such problems, so they can be mounted earlier. Some families prefer to decorate their Christmas tree at the beginning of Advent, which is the fourth Sunday before Christmas. It can also be done on Saint Nicholas Day, December 6.

Making this moment coincide with the opening of the first windows of the Advent calendar allows you to enter the Christmas atmosphere from the beginning of December. When decorating the tree and the house for Christmas , we feel again those emotions that transport us to childhood. So why give it up?

Our tips to preserve your natural tree for longer

e so that it will keep for a longer time. For example, try not to place it too close to a heat source, instead opt for a cool and bright place. In this way, you can keep it in the best conditions until Christmas and even a little later. If it’s potted, water it regularly. If it is a cut root ball, the ideal is to place it in a pot with soil or stones that you can moisten. In that case, its shelf life will be 1 to 3 weeks. Do you like white Christmas? You may be tempted to use artificial snow to decorate it, but talcum powder is best. This natural product does not drown the tree and is more environmentally friendly (unlike artificial snow,

Important: putting the Christmas tree is good for the mood

Would you like to put the tree in early December? Don’t give it up. Scientific studies indicate that its presence improves mood and provides a feeling of well-being.

Is it a good idea to put the tree in at the last minute?

In the French region of Alsace, for example, Christmas trees could not be cut before December 21 and were decorated only on Christmas Eve. Waiting until the last minute also allows you to keep the tree longer after Christmas. The normal thing is to keep the tree until Kings Day, January 6, when the roscón puts the end to Christmas. However, there are people who leave it on longer. The ideal is to anticipate the decoration of the tree a little, and then have time to quietly prepare for New Year’s Eve.

When do you start decorating the rest of the house?

Although the Christmas tree is the star element of these dates, the rest of the house also has to be decorated. We can hang Christmas garlands on the doors, a wreath at the entrance and lights on the windows or directly in the garden. Tradition does not impose any particular date but, normally, families begin to place the decoration at the beginning of December to be able to enjoy it for several weeks.

It does not matter if you are one of those who put up the Christmas tree very early or at the last minute, the important thing is to share those moments as a family. Depending on your preferences, it will be more appropriate to opt for a natural or artificial fir. Do you want to enjoy your tree as long as possible? An artificial tree is undoubtedly the best option for you. Unless you prefer to take great care of your natural fir tree and thus enjoy several weeks of the magical smell of the forest.