Android 12 is loaded with novelties of all kinds such as the quick touch , but what stands out above everything else is its design. Aesthetics is the first thing that enters the eyes of the user, for this reason Google has put so much effort into the development of this property.

One of the features of its design that has become quite popular among users are the new wallpapers that the update brings. Which fit perfectly with the rest of the device.

Streamlining the interface

The dynamic theming introduced in the new version of the Google Operating System is one of the most striking functions in recent years. This functionality consists of extracting the colors from the wallpaper and distributing them throughout the system interface and compatible applications.

To activate this novelty of Material You, this is how the new design of the system is known, you must go to the ‘Settings’ of the phone. Once inside, swipe up to go down and select ‘Style and wallpaper’.

Click on ‘Change wallpaper’ and choose the one you want to set. After that, below the previous option you will see two boxes, access the one on the left, called ‘Background colors’ . A palette based on the tones of your wallpaper will be displayed. Mark it and a little further down activate ‘Icons with theme’ . You can now fully enjoy this new Android 12 property. Intel 4004, the first single-chip CPU, turns 50 today.

Mobile compatible with the function

At first it was thought that this functionality would only be available for Google phones, but through a new code commit in the Google Material Components library under the title “Add list of dynamic colors from compatible manufacturers” they have been let me see some of the brands that will take advantage of this feature.

It was not entirely clear if any brands would be interested in implementing this feature, since their own customization layers have their own design characteristics applied to Android. So this function is likely to suffer from some variability. The companies on the list are:

  • OPPO
  • Realme
  • OnePlus
  • Alive
  • Xiaomi
  • Motorola
  • Intel
  • Tecno Mobile
  • Infinix
  • Nokia
  • Sharp
  • Sony
  • TCl
  • Lenovo
  • Google

So the mobiles of these companies that are going to be updated to the new version will enjoy this property. Interestingly, a brand as popular as Samsung is not listed, although One UI includes a dynamic colors feature. If the South Korean firm decides not to participate, some system applications will not be compatible with this functionality.