I am pretty sure that you are looking forward to go out and about that we have a good news.

There was an announcement made by Dubai Holdings that Hatta Resorts and Hatta Wadi Hub is going to open on Thursday- September 15 for season five after a short summer interim.

There is a lot of stuff to look forward on when the locations reopen.

Many visitors an try a multi-purpose ropes course of adventure which is for both adults and children, which is going to be added to Hatta Wadi Hub when it opens for the next season.

Other activities which will be remaining for season five which includes ziplines, ace-throwing, four wheel off roading on electric scooters, archery, paragliding, horse riding and camel riding.

For all the foodies there is gonna be a lot of choices, with food trucks, barbecue grills and many more eateries servings up local cuisine. It is a perfect way to refuel yourself after an adventurous day.

All the visitors will also be able to stay in comfortable resorts.

This is an amazing way to start making up some plans with your friends and families when the weather gets a littles cooler.

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