Hybrid cars are consolidated as an alternative with increasing weight in the automotive market. They use at least two different energy sources, which means significant fuel savings. We collect what are the most frequent problems and breakdowns of hybrid cars.

Electrical system wiring problems

The problems in the wiring of the electrical system are probably the most common fault in hybrid cars. They usually arise once the vehicle exceeds 60,000 kilometers. It is then when the cables suffer further deterioration, even getting burned. This can lead to damage to electrical equipment that would require a complete replacement. The price of repairing this type of breakdown varies greatly. If what we have to replace is only the wiring, the cost would not reach 100 euros, but if the damage has been greater and it is also necessary to replace the battery, the final outlay would be around 7,000 euros.

Service connector problems

The service connector is one of the most delicate parts of plug-in hybrid cars. During the loading of the vehicle, they reach very high temperatures, which can cause the part to be damaged or even burn. The solution would go through a preventive change of that connector or replace it at the moment we see that it begins to deteriorate.

Gearbox failure associated with the inverter

The gearbox in hybrids has a triple function. In addition to being used to change gears as in any vehicle, it acts as an alternator that generates energy and is in turn the car’s starter motor. So a breakdown in the gearbox would condition the entire operation of the car. Of course, although it is one of the worst breakdowns, the truth is that it is not very frequent.

Cylinder head gasket

From 300,000 kilometers, problems with the cylinder head gasket can appear and it is a costly failure. The cylinder head gasket is subjected to very high temperatures and pressures, which is why it is manufactured to be especially strong. It also has to be very elastic to cover the cracks that remain in the bearing surfaces of the cylinder head and the engine block, especially when the car is in motion. As soon as you detect a fault in it, go to your trusted workshop because it must be repaired.

Hybrid car care and maintenance

In hybrids, as with other vehicles, proper maintenance is necessary to avoid these and other breakdowns.

In a hybrid, we have at least two energy storage systems and two other machines in charge of transforming that energy into movement. That requires us to pay double attention. That is to say, on the one hand we must be attentive to the combustion engine and on the other, to the electrical system . Both need regular reviews.

  • Every 50,000 kilometers it is necessary to replace the transaxle, which we also have to lubricate with the corresponding oil.
  • To prevent failure of the wiring and the battery is necessary to perform regular cleaning of the cooling system. In the case of plug-in hybrids, there are two fans, in non-plug-in hybrids, it is one. The goal is to avoid overheating.
  • As for the battery, we must keep the space between the condenser and the water radiator clean to also avoid excessively high temperatures and deterioration of the electrical system battery.
  • If we notice that gasoline consumption increases or that there is a failure in the air conditioning, we must be attentive to the refrigeration.
  • After 250,000-300,000 kilometers we have to change the battery and at the same time, we should also replace the service battery.

The problems in the wiring of the electrical system are one of the most common faults in hybrid cars. Avoiding problems in the operation of this type of vehicle requires basic and adequate maintenance that goes through paying special attention to the cooling system. As an owner, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages associated with hybrid technology. In the case of having hired a car rental service, these possible “problems” would be covered by the monthly rent.

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