Dear reader,

We are approaching the summer of the third year after Lehman Brothers and there is still no clear horizon of storms in the world economy.

An economy that wants to begin to recover in an adverse context plagued by harsh international demands and rigid reforms, and in which financial institutions are making a great effort to move forward.

And it is in this environment that banks are betting on internationalization policies to overcome the crisis. In this way, financial entities in markets in crisis are managing to compensate for the weak evolution of the business with the results obtained in growth markets, such as Latin America or China.

This fourth issue wants to focus your attention precisely on the importance of the international expansion of banking. Thus, in the section of The Alarm Clock we delve into how internationalization is becoming an upward trend among large financial institutions, what are the challenges they face when organizing such a volume of business outside their countries of origin and in the main benefits that are generated, both in its local area and in the new centers of expansion.

In our La Ducha section, we highlight the recent merger between Banorte-Ixe in the Mexican market under the leadership of its new president, Guillermo Ortiz, as a success story. Throughout the interview you will be able to learn what they expect the bank’s new business model to be like, as well as the strategies that the entity plans to apply in its expansion in the US.

Continuing with the good practices of the financial sector, in our section of the press we collect the good results that some of the large Spanish corporations are having in other countries, especially in Latin America and Asia-Pacific, areas in which there is a solid behavior of the banking business thanks to a healthy economy that will grow at a rate of around 4% and 8% respectively in the next 2 years, according to data from the World Bank.

In the Breakfast section we recommend some books such as “Internationalization of Banks: Patterns, Strategies and Performance”, which identifies the international strategies followed by the largest banks in the world to increase their profitability or “International Banking in the New Era” , where through different articles the main challenges and opportunities that arise for international banks in a rapidly changing global environment are analyzed.

In addition, we also recommend that you attend one of the international events that will take place in the coming months, such as “International perspectives for Loyalty, customer retention and communication” or “39th Efma International Congress: multidistribution”, both in Paris in November. and October respectively.