Dear reader,

After months of an unstable panorama that has defined 2011 as a year marked by promotion and price wars in the retail field, we finally look forward to the motivation that the upcoming holidays represent for the sector.

With Christmas just around the corner, manufacturers and distributors are fine-tuning their strategies to make the most of the period of the year in which there is greater consumption, despite the fact that the shadow of the crisis is still hanging over consumers. In fact, it is expected that each Spanish household will spend an average of 668 euros this Christmas (13 euros more than last year), while the average expenditure of Europeans drops from 589 euros in 2010 to 555 euros forecast for this year .

However, the most pronounced trend continues to be the search for the best price with the best promotions and comparison in an increasingly demanding environment where the consumer becomes the center of decisions.

Distributors and retailers know this and, therefore, words such as offers, discounts and promotions are the most used terms these days, both in their most traditional sense and through the new digital environments.

For this reason, in this new issue of our newsletter we focus on the boom that eCoupons are having and the revolution that they represent in their current management, by allowing manufacturers to launch discounts redeemable by consumers at associated distributors. compared to the traditional management controlled entirely by the distributors.

In this way, in the section  The alarm clock  you can find the article  “The unstoppable growth of eCoupons”  in which we analyze in depth this new business modality, where manufacturers and other multi-manufacturer companies of eCoupons are already experiencing spectacular growth. In addition, we specify the key points so that distributors can also take advantage of the opportunity that eCoupons represent in order to make their commercial actions more profitable by being able to get to know their customers better and carry out campaigns more adapted to their tastes and needs.

Continuing with the new technologies and their use in the dissemination of promotional actions, we advise you to watch the video collected in the  Shower section  on  “Groupon Now!” , the new Groupon service that allows users to geoposition themselves through their mobile phones and receive the offers available from the closest establishments included in the program.

New applications, technologies and business modalities that could not occur without a public that is socially prepared to integrate them into their consumption habits. If you want to get to know it and discover its secrets, we recommend you read the book “GEN BUY: How tweens, teens and twenty-somethings are revolutionizing retail” in our Breakfast section  , an essential guide to approach the so-called generation Y; a group that brings together those born between 1978 and 2000, prepared for changes and that has become a trendsetter in purchasing behaviors and motivations.

To finish, I recommend the event included in our section The agenda  “New York: a unique shopping experience” , organized by AECOC and in which you will have the opportunity to meet the leaders of American food distribution, as well as the latest trends in creating a shopping experience in New York, visiting a selection of the most revealing stores.