If you are an experienced Pokémon GO trainer, you have probably accumulated a large number of kilometers to be able to continuously access the PokéStops . And all with the aim of continuing to collect different objects for your backpack. However, it is not always so easy to have access to these stops, either because there are few in our city or town, or basically because they are at the other end and we do not have the possibility to go regularly.

As you probably already know, there is the possibility of requesting the developers of this title, Niantic, to build a Pokestop in different places in our city so that there is more variety, as well as more Pokémon Gyms can be requested. But the truth is that many coaches question whether the alternative of creating their own stop at home is possible. It’s possible?

PokéStops in houses

At the time that Niantic opened the ban a few years ago of the possible request to create new stops within Pokémon GO , probably, more than one tried to do a bit of ‘cheating’ and decided to make said request to be able to enjoy a PokéStop in their own home. However, the developers do not fall. Know more about Acer suffers a cyber attack again: a group of hackers seizes 60 GB with data from millions of users

So, unfortunately for many, as much as you want to put a stop at your house, even if it is a rural area where there is no nearby, Niantic will see your application, but will never approve it. Basically, because if they pass a Pokestop in a home , the balance of the game would be lost, that is, some trainers would have more advantages than others in the aspect of collecting more objects and increasing the number inside the backpacks.

In addition, when filling out this request they will ask us for a series of data to be able to check whether or not an area is suitable to include one more stop in Pokémon GO . Among the information required of us we find these points:

  • Latitude and longitude (although it is optional).
  • Among the places to choose, priority is given to historical and cultural sites such as monuments, parks, libraries or places of worship.
  • We must add photographs of the site that you want to turn into a PokéStop or gym
  • Candidates must have pedestrian access, that is, anyone can walk without having to use any type of vehicle.

Only public places are valid

Whether we want to or not, this is so, so we can never create a PokéStop in our own home . More than anything because for its creation it will have to be a public place where the different players can access without any problem. Of course, if right in front of our house there is a park, a statue recognized in the area or similar, a historical place, yes we may be lucky enough to be granted a new Pokestop. Keep visiting Shaz Vlog for more interesting News.

This is a small list of examples of places that could become accepted zones :

  • An area with historical or educational value.
  • An interesting work or a unique type of architecture, such as monuments, cultural facilities, or the like.
  • Public parks of the place.
  • Public libraries or public places of worship.
  • Large transport stations.