Sport has an increasingly important role in society, not only for staying physically fit, but also for job opportunities . According to the Spanish Sports Association Observatory Fundación España Activa (AdEsp), without counting the income generated by professional football, the sports industry in Spain generates around 12,000 million euros a year .

The growth of the sports sector is also reflected in the number of studies related to sports . Just twenty years ago, only 15 universities in Spain offered the Degree in CAFYD , one that we offer at the European University. Today, that number has increased to 53.

In this post, we will see some of the sports careers to study and how the European University can help you launch your career in the sports sector.

What can I study related to sports?

There are many programs related to sports, too many to mention in this post perhaps, that’s why we tell you about some of the most demanded programs that you can study.

Degree in CAFYD

This is perhaps one of the most famous sports-related studies in Spain . Formerly known as the Degree at INEF, the CAFYD degree at Universidad Europea allows you to gain in-depth knowledge of many areas of the sports sector. Our curriculum is designed for you to get the big picture and then specialise. Modules include Human Anatomy, Sports Law, and Business Management and Communication . You can choose between 3 mentions: Health and Physical Activity, Leisure and Sport Management, Sports Training , and between more than twelve sports modalities (winter sports, golf, and activities in the natural environment, etc.). We offer the program at our campuses in Madrid and the Canary Islands. You can also study the degree in CAFD in a blended format.

If you are interested in combining studying sport with another area, you should consider these programs that we offer:

  • Double Degree Physiotherapy and Sports Sciences Madrid
  • Double Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and Teacher in Primary Education
  • Higher Soccer Sports Technician and CAFYD
  • Higher Degree in Distance Learning TSEAS

Degree in Sports Management

If you are more interested in the organization of sport, then you could consider our Degree in Sport Management, which we offer in Madrid and online . In this program, you will develop the necessary skills to be successful in managerial positions in sports organizations, clubs and companies within the sports sector.

You will also be prepared to work as a manager of sports facilities and their peculiarities: fitness centers, golf courses or major sporting events.

Degree in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy plays a key role in sports preparation, fitness maintenance and injury recovery . Whether you want to work with elite athletes or in amateur sports, there is a high demand for physiotherapists in Spain and worldwide.

In this degree, which we offer in Madrid , Valencia and the Canary Islands , you study all kinds of therapeutic techniques used in the treatment of injuries and illnesses, and in rehabilitation.

You will be trained in both the care and preventive framework and you will learn to collaborate with other professionals within the health sector to improve the quality of life of patients and athletes.

Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Diet is the key to maintaining fitness and the ability to perform at the highest level and has been increasingly investigated in recent years. Eating the wrong food – too much fat, for example – and expecting to compete at an elite level is like filling a petrol car with diesel and wanting it to win a Formula One race. Impossible.

At Universidad Europea, if you choose to study our Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics in Madrid or blended learning, you will learn the principles of human nutrition applied to feeding individuals and groups and to the food industry. After finishing your program, you can work in the sports sector as a nutrition consultant in gyms and sports centers, or within a sports club.

Where to study sports?

The advantage of choosing the European University to study sports is that you will have access to the best sports facilities. We have a first-class sports center where you can put into practice what you learned in your program. You will also have access to research laboratories such as the Human Performance Research Lab (HPRLab) in which we have the latest technological advances, highlighting the equipment, as well as the biomechanics of sports equipment.

In addition, as one of the best private universities in Spain, we have a first-class faculty. The teachers are experts in their fields of knowledge, and in most cases, they continue to work while teaching, with which you will learn the latest advances in the sports sector.