Accuracy and speed in conducting business activities have always been and will be one of the critical success factors. If your business activities depend on these factors, a quality means of transport that will surely serve you is also an important item for your business. For all entrepreneurs looking for the right vehicle, Volkswagen has developed a special series of commercial vehicles specifically tailored to different business segments. Traditionally, Volkswagen vehicles guarantee top quality and their “people’s car” will, without the frequent need for service, overcome any obstacle to get you to the right place and at the right time because of you.

According to their purpose, the commercial vehicles of this German manufacturer from Wolfsburg can be divided into four categories: Caddy, Transporter, Crafter and Amarok.

If you need a small and agile vehicle that will easily get through the city crowds and still take all the material, you can count on the Caddy. Caddy vehicles, like a true professional, will easily transport you and your cargo reliably to your desired destination. Depending on the purpose for which you need it, Caddy Van , Caddy Combi and Caddy Compact are available . The first is characterized by excellent cargo space up to 4.7 m 3 , the second comfort, spaciousness and 7 comfortable seats thanks to the removal and folding system, while the third offers the optimal combination of the previous two models – 5 seats and additional cargo space. Interesting topic to know more about auto oglasi.

If your job requires transporting more cargo or more people, rely on Volkswagen’s Transporter vehicles. Transporter Van, Van and Compact will do all your activities without any problems. The Conveyor Van already in the basic package has rich equipment and cargo space with a volume of 9.3 m 3 and a load capacity of up to 1.4 t. The main goal of the Transporter Van is to comfortably transport your workers. Easy entry and exit of this vehicle is made possible thanks to the Easy Entry system. The Transporter Compact offers two wheelbases that make it a strong and reliable partner, and this model also boasts optimal cargo space.

If the emphasis in your business is on the transport of heavy and bulky material, the ideal vehicle is the Crafter Van . This model is available with three wheelbases and as many as four cargo space lengths, the largest of which has a volume of up to 17 m 3 . With the possibility of loading through the rear and side doors, there is nothing that this vehicle will not be able to transport for you. Crafter Combi is intended for those businessmen for whom overcoming space is in the first place. With a maximum volume of up to 6.7 m 3 and 9 seats, this vehicle will provide maximum comfort on the road.

The two vehicles that stand out from the rest are the Transporter Chassis and the Crafter Chassis . Depending on your needs, these vehicles are ideal for different types of upgrades, and their Euro-6 engines have particularly reduced fuel consumption without affecting performance.

And finally, the vehicle that leaves everyone breathless, both with its robust construction and its power, is the Volkswagen Amarok . This model is uncompromising on the field and temperamental on the asphalt. With its 224 hp and 3000 cc V6 engine, there is no terrain to bother it.

After the presentation of the Volkswagen business program, it should be noted that all vehicles have energy-efficient engines, with low consumption and low emissions. Once you get used to their new technological innovations, doing every job will be a real pleasure for you. Excellent usability of the space will enable the transport of more goods in less time, which will reduce unnecessary multiple rides. In the end, if you decide to sell your vehicle, be sure that you will earn more than with any other vehicle, because the market recognizes the quality of Volkswagen, so even after 4 years of using the vehicle, you will be satisfied.

The nimble and practical Caddy is available to you from as little as € 12,999 * + VAT, with one year of interest-free financing or leasing without participation.

When we draw the line, we can conclude that Volkswagen really pays off the most!

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