Now that the cold has arrived, we have compared the best models of electric radiators on the market. From the cheapest to the most sophisticated, even highlighting the best low-power models. Do you want to know what type of radiator you need and where to buy it at the best price? Keep reading.

Because the cold has arrived and with the price of electricity through the roof, looking for the best low-consumption electric radiators has never been so difficult. Is it worth spending more money on one that is smart? Or is it more convenient to buy a cheap one and put it only to heat the room? To these, and to many more doubts that are going to arise, we will answer you below.

Which electric heating radiators are better

Finding the best electric heating radiators for your home is not always an easy task and it is that among the number of models that there are, with their forms and functionalities, we can get quite involved. But in general, we can say that there are two types of electric radiators, with a convector or without a convector .

Each of them is used for one thing, for example, if you want to heat a large room evenly and continuously, the best thing you can choose is an electric radiator with a convector. On the other hand, if you want to heat a room quickly, the best thing you can do is opt for a radiator without a convector. Although beware, in the cheaper models you will have to control the temperature manually.

What to consider when buying an electric radiator

If you are already getting an idea of ??which are the best models of electric radiators for you, let us give you some extra tips .

  • There are many models of electric radiators depending on their size, power and design, so do your research until you find the one you like best.
  • Look for electric radiators with integrated digital thermostats, so you can manage the temperature that is right for you much more easily.
  • Do not be afraid to spend a little more and buy an electric heater with a timer or smart connection. These kinds of features will help you save money in the long run.

In addition to the above, you are probably wondering what power you need to heat each room . And it is that knowing this before buying any electric radiator is very important. To find out, you only have to measure two of the sides of your room (if it is square and rectangular) and multiply them together to calculate its area . Once you have it ready, look at the following table.

Watt (W) Radiator powerSquare meters (m²) of the room in good condition
50010 m²
75015 m²
100020 m²
125025 m²
150030 m²
200035 m²

The minimum is 50 W per m² , assuming your room has a standard height of 2 meters. But this can change depending on the climate and the quality of the thermal insulation of your house.

If you are in a cold climate and live in an older house, it is best to re-calculate assuming up to 80W per m² for these conditions. Which would give us the following table.

Watt (W) Radiator powerSquare meters (m²) of the room in cold conditions
80010 m²
120015 m²
160020 m²
200025 m²
240030 m²
280035 m²

Where to buy low consumption electric radiators

Now that you know more or less which are the best electric radiators for you, we are going to tell you where to buy them at the best price and in the most sustainable way . Because when we buy a low consumption electric radiator, we want to save on electricity with which we also indirectly save on emissions to the environment

What if we told you that there is a way to save even more money and emissions? The answer to this is to buy second hand electric radiators. Not only will you be able to buy them for much less money than they would cost you in the store, you will also have a two-year guarantee and when the cold weather is over you can sell it back where you bought it.

Best cheap electric radiators

If you want to heat your house without spending too much, we are going to give you a list of what for us are the best cheap electric radiators. Although because some are slightly more basic models, some others can be found at a much lower second-hand price. And it is that something good and quality can also be cheap if you know where to find it.

Haverland Rc8e Electric Radiator

We start with a 1000w electric radiator for rooms between 11-15 m² , ideal for a bedroom, a living room or a small living room. This Haverland Rc8e model comes with 3 operating modes that, in addition to making our lives easier, will help us spend less. These are comfort, economy and anti-ice mode. In addition, this radiator has a high-precision programmable digital thermostat and is capable of detecting whether the windows are open. But with all this, how is one of the best cheapest electric radiators going to be? Go to Cash Converters to buy the Haverland Rc8e Electric Radiator and find out for yourself.

Orbegozo RF 1000 Oil Radiator

When we look for cheap electric radiators, we also want them to be good, beautiful and above all reliable. And the Orbegozo RF 1000 fulfills all these characteristics. Its 1000W power in its most basic model ensures that we can heat a small room without spending too much money. Being a low-end thermostat, we will not have all the comforts that we would like, but we will have a manually adjustable thermostat and a safety control against overheating. With its training wheels and thanks to its small size, you can take it almost anywhere, leaving it close to you for greater satisfaction.

Orbegozo RRE 810

You will also find the next one on our list of the best cheap electric radiators at Cash Converters. And it is that here you can buy the Orbegozo RRE 810 on sale at a price that justifies that we call it cheap. This 800W electric radiator is 100% environmentally friendly, fully programmable for each day of the week , has a remote control and you can also configure it through its LCD screen. In addition, it has the three classic modes of comfort, economy and anti-ice. And it is because of all this that the Orbegozo RRE 810 is a very good electric radiator, and it is thanks to the offer that we can put it with the rest of the cheaper models.

Better electric radiators of low consumption and more efficient

We go from the economic to the ecological and sustainable, because next we are going to recommend the best low-consumption electric radiators. With these radiators we can be much more efficient in our energy expenditure and although buying them may be a little more expensive, in the long run we will end up saving a lot on our electricity bill . With more options to program and regulate automatically, these radiators will allow you to heat larger rooms for a little more than the previous price. Check out more interesting stories on our blog.

Cecotec Ready Warm 2500 Thermal

The first of our best low consumption radiators is the Cecotec Ready Warm 2500 Thermal. Although this brand has conquered all Spanish homes with all kinds of appliances, now it comes to save us from the cold of winter thanks to its 12-rod thermal emitter and its 1800 w of minimum consumption. Ideal for heating medium rooms of up to 25m², its compact design will allow you to put it almost anywhere.

So that you don’t have to always be aware of it, you can program it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , choosing when you want it to be on, off and at what temperature. In addition, you won’t have to worry about small children and pets, since its safety grill prevents access to the interior of the heat emitter and its protection against overheating will prevent you from being frightened.

Cecotec Ready Warm 5650 Space

We continue with another Cecotec, in this case one of the best low consumption electric oil radiators. With a total of 9 rows and adjustable power in three modes, eco (800 w), medium (1200 w) and maximum (2000 w) , you can heat all kinds of rooms from the smallest to the largest. And it is that by having multidirectional wheels, a comfortable handle and a system to wind and store the cable, you can take it from one room to another.

When you have it on, you only have to look at its indicator light to know when it has reached the indicated temperature. In addition, the best thing is that you won’t have to worry about it getting too hot, since it has OverProtect System technology , which will automatically turn off the radiator if it gets too hot.

Orbegozo RRE 1510

The last of the best electric radiators that we can recommend is of 100% Spanish origin and totally respectful of the environment ! The Orbegozo RRE 1510! Another great alternative to heating yourself this winter without spending more electricity than you should. Its secret is not using any type of fuel or oil to generate heat, which also avoids all kinds of smoke or other odours.

As for what it is capable of doing, the Orbegozo RRE 1510 is fully programmable for each of the 7 days of the week, being able to choose specific times. You will only have to configure it with its remote control or through its digital LCD screen. And it is that depending on the model you choose, there are from 800W to 1500W . Being able to choose in all of them the 3 different modes of operation, one economic, another comfort and one anti-freeze.