All those who have a Xiaomi mobile in their hands know very well that MIUI has been for some time, by merits more than its own, one of the most complete ROMs both in customization and configuration. Therefore, it is always important to know each of the options offered by the software layer of the Chinese firm, especially when it is related to the use we make of the terminal and the different applications that we have installed.

This is why, despite the fact that many users prefer to be in favor of optimizing and saving battery power on their terminals, not a few users prefer to always have their favorite apps open in the background. More than anything, because this way they will save having to look for it inside the app drawer of their Xiaomi, saving precious time if we only have to access multitasking. To do this, we will teach you some methods that will help you to achieve this easily.

Why leave them in the background?

MIUI usually has a wide variety of options when it comes to doing a fairly aggressive management of the use of RAM. More than anything, because from Xiaomi they have always thought of being able to have enough memory for other applications in use or, simply, to be able to improve the battery consumption that our Xiaomi phone does. For this reason, it is the Chinese firm’s own customization layer that is responsible for deactivating or closing the applications in the background.

Although in itself, this optimization tends to be quite popular among users because they have great advantages, the truth is that it tends to be quite counterproductive at different times that many others already take into account.

For example, if we use My Fit to connect our new smart band from the Chinese firm or any other third-party software to synchronize our activity bracelet and we do not keep it always active in the background, it will no longer link correctly with our wearable. And it is only one of the many cases that can happen to us.

Therefore, we are facing one of the functionalities that, in these cases, as we said, it will be good to know the methods and tricks that we will have to assess at all times. That is why one of the options that we will see next will be the function of blocking and maintaining applications in the background on our Xiaomi. In addition to that it will surely be something essential in order to even improve the operation of your mobile phone.

Don’t close apps

It will not matter if we have a Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobile in our possession, all these smartphones have MIUI and will have the same possibility of preventing applications from closing when they are in the background. To do this, we will have to carry out a series of very simple steps to follow:

First access the multitasking of your smartphone with MIUI, either through the navigation button or through gestures, which will be by sliding from the bottom to the top.
Then, you will have to press and hold the application in question that we want to block so that it always stays in the background.

Finally, we will have to click on the padlock icon.

In this fast and simple way, we will ensure that the apps of a Xiaomi mobile are kept in the background at all times. Of course, so that they never close, it will also be recommended that we take into account another important configuration that we will have to perform as follows:

Go to Settings> Battery and performance.

Once we are inside, click on the gear-shaped icon to go to the Battery Saver section in applications.
After this, we will have to look for the software that we do not want to close, click on the app in question and select the option called Unrestricted.

With this quick adjustment to carry out, we will not only be achieved that the battery saver does not restrict the use of the application, but that the mobile is not able to close these applications by itself once we activate the battery saving mode on the phone. Therefore, it will never be closed, unless we do it manually on our own by opening the terminal multitasking.

Why aren’t they blocked?

From the arrival of the MIUI 12 version, there were many users who saw how they suffered a problem that prevented them from being able to block with the padlock that we have explained previously from the multitasking of their smartphone. However, as we are seeing, Xiaomi’s software layer has endless possibilities, so we will show you another alternative to be able to meet the goal of keeping applications in the background forever.

Before starting, check on your smartphone if you have the previous option from multitasking, since, basically, you will save yourself having to go through all this process. Well, the function that it will fulfill will be the same. If in your case you do not have that possibility, we will have to enter the native Security application, which is pre-installed in all Xiaomi terminals.

Once we are inside, we will have to follow a series of steps:

When we are there, we will have to click on the option called Speed ?? increase.
Then, click on the gear-shaped icon that will appear at the top right of your mobile phone screen.
Find the option Block applications and enter it.

When we have completed these small steps, we will find all the apps that we have installed at this moment in our terminal of the Chinese firm. Therefore, from here we will have to press the switch of all that software on the phone that we never want to close, not even when we enable the energy-saving mode. Learn more about TCL 20 Pro 5G.

Finally, you will have to check from the multitasking of your smartphone if a closed padlock has appeared in those apps. If so, it means that you have already managed to ensure that they will never close on their own when they are in the background. In case the lock in question does not appear, we recommend not enabling the energy-saving mode on your Xiaomi every time you want to keep an application open at all times when it is in the background or activate the Unrestricted option. Keep visiting Shaz Vlog for more interesting facts.