After several Škoda models, which we have presented to you so far, we decided to single out the used car this time, which is certainly the most interesting model of this Czech car manufacturer. The name itself attracts attention, but in addition to the name, it is also helped by a very unusual look, in which there are more than conspicuous glasses whose parts do not match in height or surface. In 2006, Škoda successfully entered the MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) category with this model. It is produced with five (roomster), but also with two doors (panel practitioner) which has two seats and is suitable for a delivery vehicle.

The range of engines is very wide, starting with petrol units of 1.2HTP with 60 hp and 70 hp, 1.2TSI with 105 hp, 1.4 16v with 86 hp and 1.6 16v with 105 hp. The diesel units on offer are 1.2TDI with 75 hp, 1.4TDI 70 and 80 hp, as well as 1.6TDI with 90 and 105 hp, but also the strongest version 1.9TDI with 100 and 105 hp. Know more about auto diler me.

Four meters long, weighing about 1,200 kg

The model that we will present to you, proved to be very good for both family and business cars, and it is a 1.4 TDI with 70 hp. It may seem strange at first glance that a car of such large dimensions has an engine of 1,400 cubic meters, but it still manages solidly with that cubic capacity both in city traffic jams and on the open road. However, when driving, you should not expect some sports performance, especially if you take into account the length of the vehicle that exceeds four meters, but also the weight of over 1,200 kilograms. Considering the dimensions of the vehicle, we can say that it behaves very well on the open road, even with a slightly sharper ride, and excellent handling and very good brakes make it safe on the road.

“Room” on wheels

The trump card of this model is the interior that abounds in space, with the possibility of transformation. Namely, by folding the rear seats, you literally get a “room” on wheels, with a huge cargo space that can be easily accessed due to the rear doors that rise high and allow easy loading and access. Also, lowering the seat resulted in a space of as much as 1,780 liters.

As for the interior, we can freely say that it is at the level of a car of a completely different class, and not MPV vehicles, because it is characterized by a good finish, but the functionality of the controls. All this together, as well as the comfort of the seat, make this car easy to drive, even on longer distances. It has a rich package of equipment with el. power windows, automatic air conditioning, ABS, CD, el. by adjusting the mirrors …


The biggest drawback of this Škoda model is certainly the consumption, which, although according to factory parameters of about 4.4 l per 100 kilometers, is up to over 7 l / 100 km. Another objection, but not so terrible, because it is still an MPV vehicle, is the inconvenience. suspension hardness. But despite that, we can freely say that the Škoda Roomster proved to be a good used car, which met most of all expectations in most tests, and often more than that.

In our market, this model in the 1.4 tdi version can be purchased at a price of around 4,000 euros and up, depending on the age and mileage.

Technical characteristics:
Engine: 1.4l, 1.422 ccm
Power: 51 kW, 70 HP
Max power: 51kW@4.000 rpm
Max torque: 155Nm@1.600 rpm
Number of cylinders: 3
Top speed: 159 km / h
Acceleration 0 – 100km / h: 16.5 seconds
Consumption in city: 6.3 l / 100 km
Off-road: 4.6 l / 100 km
Average consumption: 5.3 l / 100 km

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