Despite the doubts raised by any distant date today, Bethesda’s conviction is firm: Todd Howard says they will arrive on time in 2022.

Starfield is the largest project in the history of Bethesda , a title in which Todd Howard’s team has been immersed for years with the goal of beginning to take to the skies on November 11, 2022 . That date, still distant, was even more surprising when last June it was revealed with such firmness. The North American team remains convinced that they will arrive on time and meet the deadlines .

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Starfield “is a very, very ambitious game”

With a COVID-19 that has severely affected development timelines, coupled with a semiconductor crisis that directly affects hardware production and product distribution, delays in video games are being very frequent. There are many obstacles, but Bethesda appears to be several steps ahead of adversity right now.

Todd Howard, in statements to IGN , maintains that Starfield is already playable from start to finish and that they trust the launch date of November 11, 2022; that’s why they gave it months ago.

“It is a very, very ambitious game. We were sure of the date when we published it . Our main goal is to make the best game possible. It is a very, very ambitious game, and we have been through this several times ”, he emphasizes convinced.

One of the keys, in his opinion, is that the thinking heads of the project have been working together for many years and, at the end of the day, that translates into harmony. Despite working remotely for months, nothing has prevented the goals from being achieved.

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Starfield will arrive on November 11, 2022; from day one on Xbo Game Pass

Starfield will only arrive on Xbox Series X | S and PC on November 11, 2022 ; It will not be a temporary exclusive , but a permanent exclusive one. The title is being created with the new Creation Engine 2 engine and will make the most of the new generation technology, so it will not have a version in the Xbox One generation, although we can play it on these consoles thanks to the game in the cloud , Xbox Cloud Gaming, already in tests on Xbox One.

Source | IGN ; via GamingBolt