The data big is on everyone ‘s lips: more and more companies, large and small, are betting on data analysis to make better decisions, in order to increase sales and retain customers. What can big data contribute in these terms?

In this article we analyze five big data solutions  at the service of your business.

1. Better knowledge of the customer

Focusing marketing campaigns on the customer (the customer centric approach ) is essential. From him, it is necessary to identify their tastes, habits, purchase channels and a long etcetera in order to  personalize our campaigns. The 7 Vs of “big data” technology – Learn More of This

The big data  provides the ability to collect and analyze data at a higher level, identifying variables such as:

  • Gender, location, profession, educational level, and other general aspects of the client
  • Shopping habits: what do you buy, when, on which channel, what are your favorite items, the average ticket or the recurrence rate
  • Ideal communication channels: email, social networks, etc.

All this information makes it possible to predict behaviors and take actions, with the aim of adapting each communication and collecting information about the customer’s experience with the brand.

2. Optimization of decision making

The analysis of this data offers great support to make decisions adapted to the exact moment, and act quickly and effectively . Thus, it is even possible to optimize aspects of the campaigns at the same moment in which something is not working is detected, with the consequent minimization of resources that this implies. Recruitment 2.0: innovation in human resources

To obtain the information in real time, it is essential to have automation tools .

3. Cost reduction

Lowering costs is another of the  main big data solutions . Thanks to automation programs, the time spent in collecting, analyzing, verifying, studying and displaying information is reduced, which has a direct impact on the cost of each action.

4. Improved company security

The data collected becomes a great value for any company if you know how to take advantage of it. Own big data allows to establish security protocols, and detect and resolve vulnerabilities. CDO: the strategic vision that data management needs

5. Adaptability to the sector

Big data solutions  are useful for any type of company: retail , insurance, financial services, travel, media, telecommunications … This means that each sector is capable of optimizing and achieving its objectives in a personalized way. Tips for implementing an effective customer scorecard

  • A travel agency can better predict and manage occupancy.
  • In the insurance sector, it supports customer loyalty and maintenance of profitability.
  • A financial services company can understand the risks and opportunities in its industry.
  • The media can obtain data immediately.

As we say, each company can adapt the type of information to be analyzed and the format,   customizing their needs as much as possible to achieve their objectives. Why is the brand ambassador the most powerful branding resource?

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