Happy Home Paradise, the paid expansion that Animal Crossing New Horizons has received, brings an error that could end your game. Patch on the way.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is enjoying its long-awaited paid expansion starting today, November 5, 2021 . Happy Home Paradise allows players to tailor the rooms of a vacation paradise according to the needs of tourists. However, from Nintendo they report an error that could corrupt your game. We tell you how to avoid it.

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How to avoid the Happy Home Paradise bug in Animal Crossing New: Horizons?

“Animal Crossing New Horizons players who have the Happy Home Paradise downloadable content may experience problems with the game if they visit the neighborhood management office and ask to remodel an insulan’s house while the aerodrome doors are open,” the company explains in your official Twitter account in Spain . “We recommend that you do not try to remodel the house of an Insulan when the doors of the airfield are open. As long as they are closed, you will not suffer any problems with the game when remodeling the houses of the Insulans ”.

If you suffer from this problem, the editor recommends “end the game, close the game and start it again . ” “This will not affect your save data,” they reveal. The team is currently working on a patch that will be distributed throughout the month of November.

To avoid this, simply do not request to remodel an Insulan’s house while the aerodrome doors are open, whether you are using local communication or online play. In this way you will avoid a mistake that could lead you to lose all your progress. Build safely.

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Source: Nintendo