Okay so now we’re moving on to the back end now if you want to be either a back end developer or a full stack developer working in the back and the front end which i’m guessing a lot of you are you’ll need to learn a server-side language now if you already know a good amount of javascript node.js is a great option that’s what i prefer and specialize in i like to use the same language on the back end and the front end but that’s just me i’m not saying that’s the best option uh whatsoever it really depends on you know what you what clicks with you and what kind of work you want to do dino is also javascript based it’s it’s very very new it has a ton of great features a lot of people say that it might replace node at some point but it’s still very new so i would give it some time before making it you know your your go-to server-side technology just dabble in it for now it’s is my suggestion at least python is of course very popular in the the ai machine learning world automation it’s also really popular in web development it has some really great frameworks which i’ll talk about in a minute but python is a great language to learn just in general for for many things so you have csharp.net also an available option for the back end i know a little bit of c sharp and I’d like to learn more it’s very clean and structured I see a lot of larger companies using c sharp at least around where I am golang is another language that was created by Google it’s similar to c but with things like garbage collection and memory safety so it’s easier to learn than a language like c it’s also extremely powerful it’s often used for programming across large-scale servers it’s used a lot in you know the big business enterprise world so ruby is another language and when it comes to web development you’ll probably be using ruby on rails uh which is a framework if you do choose ruby I personally love ruby on rails, uh it’s not it’s great for rapid development and it includes a ton of integrated tools you may hear people say that ruby’s dead however I don’t suggest really listening to people on the internet even myself I mean you know take what I say with a grain of salt but do your own research look at multiple resources look at jobs in your area it definitely ruby definitely isn’t as relevant as it once was but there are still companies using ruby and ruby on rails it’s an elegant language and it almost looks like regular english i actually really enjoyed learning ruby a few years ago so php is another one that that kind of gets a lot of hate on the internet however i think most people that hate on php really haven’t used it or haven’t used it in a really long time there’s still a huge number of websites running php so it’s still relevant um you know it might not be used at the the you know the fang companies or whatever but especially if you’re doing freelancing for small business websites and web apps php can be a really good option it also runs wordpress which is still used a lot you know for small business websites and personal websites and so on and i’ll talk about wordpress a little more later on so java is probably the most relevant in the big business world java was the first language that i ever used however i only really learned the basics there’s there’s not too much that i can say about java for web development then we have kotlin which is a newer language which easily integrates into existing apps and uses the java virtual machine uses the jvm so kotlin is being used in a lot of places where java used to be used including android development but it can also be used in web development so these are not all but but a lot of the more popular languages you’re going to see used in the world of web development and by no means is this a comparison or am i saying any any of these is is better than the other I don’t do those types of videos i don’t you know about certain languages and frameworks or anything like that I simply let you know what’s available tell you a little bit about it as far as I know and it’s up to you to decide what you want to do alright so I’m not picking any of these for you again I do prefer node.js but I also work with python php a little bit of ruby a little bit of c sharp uh but you know it’s you really got to look into um certain pros and cons in terms of what you’re looking to accomplish. Learn web development. or higher The Digital IO.