The stable, safe and silent driving of the Skoda Enyaq iV, in its 80 version, positions it as one of the best electric SUVs on the market. To which must be added a premium finish, a spacious trunk and more than 400 km of autonomy.

Skoda has undoubtedly managed to create one of the best electric SUVs on the market , with an enviable dynamic capacity and that perfectly complies as a family vehicle thanks also to its many kilometers of autonomy in the Enyaq iV 80 version with the largest capacity battery. Know more about Mercedes benz c class ne shitje.

The Skoda Enyaq iV , and in particular the 80 version that we have tested, breaks all the molds attached to the Skoda brand as a “low cost” and low quality brand , since it is probably one of the best among all known electric SUVs. although only with 2 years of guarantee and 8 of its batteries. 

Exceptional width

It is in theory a technical twin of the Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4, achieving a size very close to the largest in the range that is the Skoda Kodiaq, with 5 cm less in length (4.65 m) and 7 in height. (1.62 m) and with a much more aerodynamic profile.

Its habitability is very similar to that of the 5-seater Kodiaq , with a little less width in the rear area as the only detail.

It has a generous trunk very close to 600 liters that also has a space under the floor for recharging cables that is around 50 liters (official figure: 585 liters).

The floor of the Enyaq iV is completely flat throughout the passenger compartment and it is very easy to move between the rear seats, also having innumerable practical resources designed to make life more comfortable , such as umbrellas and large bags located in the doors, elements of cargo containment in the trunk, a very large hole under the elbow of the front armrest or even the tow hook (foldable and capable of pulling up to 1,200 kilos).

Environment with “premium” finish

As soon as you open the door of the Skoda Enyaq iV 80, you can breathe an authentically “premium” atmosphere, in any of its finishes, from the ” Loft ” access to the ” Suite” which is more patent and is completed in the ” Lodge ”, already with seats in leather.

The dashboard , very similar to that of its Volkswagen cousins, has a 5.3″ instrumentation screen with a lot of control information and another, standard, 13″ central screen that incorporates comfort elements, driving assistants, lighting, etc., with practically all the controls of the car incorporated in it.

The optional head-up Display projects the data in front of the driver’s eyes, showing the speed, reading of signals, the operation of the driving aids, the distance to other vehicles, etc., as well as all the navigation indications of very expressive way.

Its direction is really sensitive and also the steering wheel has a system that detects whether attention is maintained or not , by automatically assessing the driver’s hands with force on the steering wheel, even braking if it detects distractions.

Totally impeccable in its dynamism

The Skoda Enyaq iV is an absolutely stable car and has a very precise and well adjusted steering , which gives it a ride quality that is literally spectacular, matching perfectly any steering or damping adjustment that can be chosen.

To the above must be added some wheels of considerable size (255/40 R21 rear), and, even so, it generates a quiet car, very pleasant to drive.

Also surprising in its driving is the correct operation of regenerative braking, as well as a perfect fit in each and every one of the electronic driving aids.

It is possible to choose between 3 different retention levels using the paddles on the steering wheel, even reaching the highest retention level to replace the brake pedal when you lift your foot off the accelerator.

Wide choice strongly marked by battery capacity

The Enyaq iV is offered with rear-wheel drive in two variants of 180 or 204 hp and with all-wheel drive in the 80X that have a motor on each axle and 265 hp .

The smallest motor is associated with a battery with a useful capacity of 55 kW/h (62 total) and for this reason its commercial name is “60” and it homologates 413 km of autonomy .

The more powerful 204 and 65 hp engines use a 77 kW/h net (82 gross) battery and achieve ranges of 425 km on a single full charge.

The average consumption calculated in the test carried out by Motor Mundial represents an average cost of about €5.64/100 km , which represents a more than acceptable level.

Its battery can be charged quickly with direct current and powers up to 125 kW and allow the charging power to always be maintained above 50%.

There is no doubt that the Czech brand has made an exceptional improvement with the construction of this Enyaq iV 80 compared to older models of the brand , maintaining, yes, an affordable price scale and putting in check even premium brands with which you intend to compete.

In short, the Skoda Enyaq iV 80 stands out for its exceptional ride quality , a top-class environment with remarkable roominess and a generous trunk , as well as great comfort and high-power fast charging that further highlight its use.

You cannot ask for more from this vehicle except to finish equipping it with insurance at its height, such as MAPFRE’s, specific for electric and hybrid cars. Find out about all the coverage offered here.

Summary technical sheet

ELECTRIC MOTOR :  PositionTransverse rear, permanent magnet synchronous
maximum power204 CV
Max pair310 Nm
BatteryLithium ion, 82 kWh total capacity and 77 kWh useful
TRANSMISSION :to the rear wheels
Change1 speed reduction gear
front suspensionIndependent, McPherson strut with stabilizer bar
rear suspensionIndependent, multi-link with stabilizer bar
Tires (brand)Front. 235/45 R21. After. 255/40 R21 (Bridgestone Turanza)
TiresFront 8×21”. After. 9×21”
BODYWORK :  Type (doors)SUV (5)
Length/Width/Height4,65 m / 1,88 m / 1,62 m
Battle-Tracks front/rear2,77 – 1,59 / 1,57 m
No. Seats/Official Weight5 / 2.090 kg
Trunk585 liters
Maximum speed160 km / h
Acceleration 0-100km/h8.6 seconds
Autonomy (WLTP)537 km
PRICE / GUARANTEE:46,500 euros (without discounts) / 2 years without km limit
BATTERY WARRANTY :8 years or 160,000 km