Artificial or natural: a thorny subject

Years ago, artificial Christmas trees were far from equaling large natural trees. But, today, they rival in elegance and modernity. In this way, you have multiple possibilities: a white Christmas tree, an original and graphic tree made of metal, wood, led, gold and, as always, the imitation of nature, increasingly similar to the real ones. For ideas, take inspiration from our selection of decorative trees. Live your Christmas in a thousand colors! Learn more of it.

The artificial tree is perfect for everyone who wants to add a designer look to their Christmas and keep it for years to come.

The natural tree, for its part, continues to be the reference for every end of the year. Being more ecological, it brings a touch of authenticity and a certain elegance to your home. And the kids love it! An original centerpiece for Christmas – Learn more of it.

christmas tree decoration idea

Knock on wood and pick a variety of tree!

If you decide on a natural tree, you will surely doubt between the two most common varieties: the Nordmann and the Epicea.

We favor the Nordmann Christmas tree, since its evenly distributed branches lend themselves more to creating a beautiful decoration. And, above all, the needles do not fall out! 10 decorative Christmas table ideas to whet your appetite for the holidays.

Epicea pine, for its part, has the advantage of being more affordable and gives off a pleasant smell of resin that is impregnated in the home.

A beautiful tree full of freshness

Regardless of which variety you choose for your Christmas tree, make sure it’s fresh when you go shopping.

Make sure that their colors are well defined, that they do not tend to yellow, and run your hand over a branch to see if the needles fall out. A little trick: weigh the tree. The heavier it is, the more sap it will have and therefore the longer it will stay beautiful. Lots of ideas to discover to decorate your home for Christmas.

Even if your children ask you for the largest tree, one that reaches the roof and that will not even fit in the car, opt for a tree that adapts to your space and that does not obstruct the passage.

And, of course, choose a thick and leafy tree, with well-distributed branches that allow you to hang beautiful garlands, balls and ornaments. Are you looking for decoration ideas for your Christmas tree?