There are currently millions of concerts for sale on Fiverr. That’s a lot of competition. It is a challenge for all sellers to easily find a Fiverr in search results. When we talk about gig SEO, we are not referring to Google search rankings. We’re talking about ranking your work at the top of Fiverr’s internal search results page. Fiverr is the platform, where you can earn a lot based on your skills/knowledge. There is no limit for you to earn. Earning is unlimited and up to you that how you work smartly on Fiverr. In this article I will I am going to describe how to make gig on Fiverr, how to rank gigs on Fiverr, and what service you can provide with your skills or without the skills. Hi Guys, it is me Shaz Vlog you can read and apply these techniques to your accounts on the freelancing platform.

First of all, it is worth understanding what search features FIVERR offers.

Search filters:

  • What is the term that describes someone who helps me in my business for the% of the profits I make? Are you a freelancer or operating partner or what exactly?
  • Can a dependent visa holder work as a freelancer in the United States?
  • I am 23 years old and looking for a part-time job online. I’ve tried sites like Elance, Freelancer, and oDesk, to no avail. What can be some other options?
  • What do customers need in a freelance network that offers freelancers?
  • What is your biggest concern when hiring a freelance designer?
  • Recommended – This is the default page; you must follow basically all SEO factors to get here. High rating, minimum level 1, established authors, and trusted gigs will be more likely to appear here.
  • High Rating – If you maintain a High Buyer Rating%, your chances of showing up here are better
  • Express Gigs: Serve this page if it offers delivery in 24 hours (only from level 1)
  • With video: that’s why they tell you to add a video … another chance to shine
  • New: This is to provide fair play. If you are new, that does not mean that you will not be chosen in the search results. Many buyers think of “overdone gigs” and want new expensive ideas. Your new offers will be listed here if they are relevant to your search keyword.


fiverr categories

  • Some people will filter by categories (personally, I hardly use this option). It doesn’t hurt if you choose a relevant one.
    Ninja Tip: There is a reverse tactic: choose a non-relevant category; In this way, your performance will stand out from the result as an unusual offer; they will click on it just because it looks weird there.

Keyword in the concert title:

keyword in fiverr gig title

  • This is the most important factor of Fiverr SEO: ALWAYS put your target keywords in the title of the concert.
    Take a look at the screenshot below: ALL titles contain the exact match keyword combination that I entered in the search field. Think with the heads of your buyers “What would they look for if they wanted to buy a concert like mine?” If you find the correct answer to that question and add it to the title of your concert, your visits to your concert page will increase and you will surely receive more requests through the search page.

Keyword in username:

  • If you are specifically targeting a niche, it is wise to choose a Fiverr username that contains your main keyword. In this way, you will be placed on the page that you can open using the option “Find users that contain” your keyword “Click here”. One more SEO improvement was made.


  • The closer it is to 100%, the higher it will rank. Simple things… easier said than done. Keep your buyers happy and you will go up to Fiverr SERPs. The volume of votes does not always influence your search position. You don’t need tons of feedback, just make sure it’s 5 stars.

Vendor level status:

  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 sellers will be more likely to show themselves closer to the top as they are trusted and proven vendors. That is understandable. To compensate for this and give newbies a break, there is a “New” filter that we mentioned earlier.

Here are my tips for setting up your account for success:

Short title of the concert

Clear and concise titles work best. It’s difficult to fully convey the value of your Gig in just a few words, so you can try a couple of variations to see which ones generate the most interest. When in doubt between two words, use Google‘s Keyword Planner to see which one is searched the most.

A detailed description of the concert about How to Rank Fiverr Gig

This is your opportunity to sell your services and let clients know why they should do business with you. If you get a lot of questions asking for clarification or details, your description is probably not doing its job.

Descriptions are limited to 1,200 characters, so please be concise. Fiverr allows you some freedom in formatting with font-weight, larger font sizes, lists, and text highlighting. Take advantage of these features to improve your description.

Video and Images

Fiverr has published the statistic that Gigs with a video description sell 220% more than those without it. So consider a video a requirement.

If you don’t have a video, you should take advantage of the three image slots with descriptive, high-resolution images of what it offers. Make sure the dimensions are set to 682 x 459 pixels.

Targeted extras

Gig Extras is where Fiverr gets interesting. The more you level up, the more opportunities you have to add more and higher costs. You can change these Extras and their prices at any time, so there is nothing wrong with trying different offers to see what might work best for your buyers.

Request feedback will help you about how to rank Fiverr Gig

fiverr review feedback

Since most people won’t leave comments unless prompted, try adding a postscript to each of your delivery templates by asking buyers to leave a “thumbs up” if they find the Gig valuable. With that in place, nearly 80 percent of my clients have left a positive rating. The other 20 percent did not leave a “thumbs down”, they simply forgot to enter a rating.

Offer a guarantee

I include a 100 percent money-back guarantee on my concerts. I’ve only had to implement it once so far, when a buyer was unhappy with the review of my site. After he gave me a “thumbs down”, I offered to cancel the order. When he accepted the cancellation, he was refunded and the negative rating disappeared. Be careful though. Cancellation statistics are publicly visible and can be a red flag for buyers and sellers.

First of all, Sabbir, turn off the vacation option even if you are on vacation. You are hurting your chances for yourself. Turn off that vacation option and let the customer initiate communication with you. There is a good chance that some customers have seen your profile, but since you are on vacation, they did not contact you.

Also, when you enable the vacation option, your concert impression starts to decrease because the buyer cannot contact you.

Solution: The most appropriate approach is to keep the profile alive. And if any customer initiates communication, you can tell them that you are on vacation and that you are not taking any orders.

How to classify the Fiverr concert?

You will be happy to know that Fiverr’s internal system itself is effective in promoting a concert. If your performance has an eye-catching title, a well-crafted image, an introductory video, an accurate description, and relevant tags, then you will definitely get orders on Fiverr.

Buyer’s request

However, his performance does not attract the attention of any client due to the high competition. For example, in logo design, article/blog writing, development fields, the competition is very high. That’s why well-designed gigs sometimes don’t catch the eye of any customer. If the competition is hurting your success, try some other categories where the competition is low but the chances of winning are high.

For this, you must request the Buyer’s Request.

Note: Do not advertise your concert on Fiverr. As Fiverr has updated its policy and they may suspend your account.

Social network

If you are not using free tools like social media for promotion, you are missing out on a great opportunity. See how you can promote your Fiverr concert on social sites from here: How to promote Fiverr concerts


Nice to see that you have added your gig link with your question. This indicates that you have some knowledge of how to use Quora for gig promotion. But now you have to take one more step: start responding.

Discover the topics related to your interest. I would suggest you don’t limit yourself to your service area (which you offer on Fiverr). You can find topics related to your hobbies or personal interests. This way you can build your reputation on Quora. Use Quora in every possible way.


Content marketing is one of the best ways to promote your services. But to do it, you need a blog. You can use – create a unique and beautiful blog. It is easy and free. o – Create a website or blog for this purpose.

I hope this helps. Feel free to message me if you need any help. You can reach me on Quora and on Twitter. You can also contact me on my blog: Bilal Mustafa Online, where I share helpful tips about Fiverr.

How do I rate my Fiverr concerts?

Are you fighting for your Fiverr gigs to become visible at the top of the Fiverr search algorithm?

Below are the easy ways to classify your Fiverr without spending a penny or wasting your time to learn something:

Use appropriate keywords and tags:

This is very important to keep in mind when creating a concert on Fiverr. You need to check which keywords are most used by people searching for your service. One of the ways to find out is by drawing inspiration from other top-rated or high-performing gigs within your category or by using the Fiverr search bar when you log into your account (you can locate this in the upper left corner of your page). To use the Fiverr search bar, simply type your keyword and use the keywords buyers use to search for the service. Make sure to include these keywords once in your title, at least three times in your description. If you need more inspiration on how to properly use keywords and tags to promote your gigs, This is a typical one that I found when buying things on Fiverr. I think there are still a few you can check out, but this will get you started if you’re in the writing category.

Create social media accounts:

Another thing to do immediately when your performance is active is to target as many social media networks as possible and create accounts on them. Once your registration is complete, start answering questions and posting helpful and useful content relevant to the services you provide on Fiverr. Join the relevant group on Facebook and start sharing insights with them, but while doing so, don’t forget to always link to your Fiverr gigs. Do this wisely and don’t overdo it. Some networks to start with include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc. Link building for local SEO in 2021.

Join the relevant forums:

There is practically a relevant forum for every niche/service you are providing. To find the ones that match your niche, just type “your niche or service title + forum” in the Google search bar and you will get as many relevant forums as possible that you can join and start promoting your Fiverr gigs. using them. For example, for article submission, just type “Article Forum” and that’s it. But be sure to read their terms and conditions before you start posting on any of the forums you join because while some allow you to embed your links, others don’t. And again, check the thread in the discussion area to see what questions or topics have already been asked, created, or answered so you know which one you can create or respond to.


A friend once told me about this “Q&A” platform, but little did I believe it until I started using it. Quora is an effective platform where you can promote your Fiverr gigs or any online business and get a windfall of traffic for your gig, which will also generate sales for you. To use Quora to promote your gig, just look to sign up (it’s free) and start answering questions relevant to your Fiverr gigs while adding the links to your Fiverr profile in the reply. Quora is, of course, not the only place where you can do this; You can also use Yahoo Answers.

Create a blog for your Fiverr:

There are several free blogging sites that you can use to create a free blog for yourself and the best one I would recommend is It is very easy to use and all you need to get started is a free Gmail account. Once you’ve set this up, and of course you need to remember to use a blog address (URL) that mirrors the one you use in your fiver account, Create a unique and beautiful blog. It’s easy and free., Www., etc. Go ahead now and start creating content around your concert on the blog. You can write a few sample articles that showcase your skills and experience in your field. Try to put in a lot of useful pieces that can help your clients see what you do and convince them that you are good at it. You will also need to make your blog visible in the search engine by sharing your blog URL in relevant forums and on social media. You should also add your blog link to your concerts in the concert description section.