What is an SEO expert? What characteristics should it have? Why is it necessary for us to hire your SEO services?

These are some of the questions that we are going to reveal in this post so that you can decide when hiring an SEO consultant to solve and improve the positioning of your website in search engines.

Experts insist that having an SEO specialist is essential for any digital project. It is the best way to gain visibility at a time when consumers have established the Internet as the first search channel.

What is an SEO expert?

The expert SEO, also known as SEO or SEO consultant specialist is the professional who is dedicated to web positioning in search engines. It performs the analysis of the web pages to be able to determine the strategies and the changes that it should take to improve the positioning of the same and thus generate greater traffic of users from the different search engines.

What characteristics should an SEO consultant have?

The growing irruption in the market of new companies and entrepreneurs has, in turn, caused an increase in professionals linked to the digital marketing sector, such as community managers or SEO professionals. However, just as not all companies are created equal, neither are professionals.

Every good SEO consultant must have some essential basic characteristics to be able to carry out their work. It must be a professional who has a capacity for web analysis, the ability to create experiments, without fear of failure, and with training in digital marketingweb development, and content creation.

In this scenario, it is essential that we know how to identify which SEO professional or consultant is more efficient, to achieve the desired objectives. We are going to focus on each of them below.

Content the king of SEO

The functions of SEO have evolved. An evolution that has led to their work as a copywriter. If something is a trend in recent times in the world of marketing in general and positioning in particular, it is content marketing.

Attracting new customers through quality content is away, in addition, that helps sites to differentiate themselves and distinguish themselves from the competition. An SEO expert must be able to write optimized texts so that they rank effectively in Google.

Specialized SEO copywriters are in high demand today. A fact that shows the importance of the relationship of content with positioning.

Knowledge in SEO

Knowledge of some tools such as Google webmaster tools should be one of the fundamental characteristics that every SEO expert must-have. Since with this knowledge, you will be able to know by heart what Google sees of a website.

Every SEO expert cannot become a good consultant without knowing the benefits of using tags or links. Two simple examples from a much larger world and whose knowledge makes the difference. 

It is also important that an SEO consultant knows, even a minimal knowledge, the PHP, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript programming methods. And thus to be able to find and/or modify them in the case that they are harming the positioning.

The importance of SEO analysis

We are facing an era in which information is power. There are numerous tools that will give us endless data and statistics. That if they are well interpreted, it could modify our entire SEO strategy, to improve positioning.

Reports and statistics will be crucial when making decisions; also in the marketing strategies to implement. Analytical skills make marketing campaigns extremely effective.

Social networks and communities to improve SEO

Knowing the different forums and communities is important to be able to carry out a work of visibility of the web, in this way to publish and get the content to the target audience.

It will also help to have knowledge of Community Manager or to be able to work alongside him. Since you will have to use and take into account social networks, which are increasingly important, to be able to spread the content. Search engines give more and more importance to social networks.

What does an SEO expert do?

An SEO consultant will analyze a website and carry out different strategies in order to improve its organic traffic. This specialist will also be able to analyze the competition and develop quality content, to effectively achieve their objectives.

One of the most important tasks that an SEO specialist has, among other issues, is the ability to detect errors on a website. He could redesign the website, if necessary, and manage the different teams in order to achieve the necessary improvements for the optimization and performance of the said website.

This is essential work that is sometimes not given enough attention. Quite a paradox if we take into account a simple question that you have to ask yourself:

What use can a website with a lot of design be for if no one is going to reach it? A question that also calls into question the fact of investing in design and not in SEO.

Organic traffic and SEO, a well-matched marriage

Surely you’ve ever heard of organic website traffic. If you do not know exactly what it is, in summary, it can be explained as the traffic of your website generated through search engines; that is,  the visits that come through Internet searches.

A simple explanation to explain the traffic that everyone aspires to, given the number of searches that are carried out in one second. Traffic has a lot to do also with the positioning of your website and which therefore also has a lot to do with your SEO.

In addition, in this scenario in which SEO and traffic are so closely related, the analysis of the consultant you hire will be essential. Importance resides in the fact that the main objective of SEO analysis is none other than the increase in organic traffic. An increase that, in turn, will also help boost the number of conversions.

All the improvements related to web positioning

Although when it comes to SEO, one tends to think only and exclusively about positioning, the truth is that it has an extremely interesting indirect impact. A series of collateral benefits that have a lot to do with SEO maneuvers and that have an impact on something that goes far beyond positioning:  the user experience.

The pages become more intuitive, upload speeds are faster and this, in turn, affects the increased residence time of the user. Having a dynamic, quality, well-positioned and secure page makes the user want to stay. A benefit to taking into account because, knowing how to turn it into an opportunity, translates into conversions.

SEO, therefore, is in the end closely related to conversions, which are the ultimate goal of a website, especially when it comes to e-commerce or a company for hiring services. A framework in which the SEO consultant must make a medium or long-term calendar available to you and to your site.

What can an SEO consultant do for your website?

The job of an SEO expert is to improve the organic positioning of your page in search engines, where they will try to achieve an increase in visits to the web. The tasks that this professional has before him to carry out his objectives are numerous.

One of the main tasks that it will do for your website will be to determine the type of clients you have and to know their needs, in order to draw not only the situation of the site but also to adjust the strategies to be carried out.

Once your target audience is known, they will carry out a study to optimize the page and make an analysis of the best keywords so that the search volume increases, but also the commercial value of your website.

To do this, you must generate original content for each of the pages on your website and find the niche where to position them at the top of the search engines.

The reports that diagnose your company

Another of the great things that an SEO expert will do for your business will be reporting. Monthly analyzes that should detail the actions carried out and that radiograph the status of your website. A good way to detect problems and, above all, to remedy when there is still time.

These reports will also include progress in positioning and, of course, the status of sales and conversions. An SEO consultant is a kind of monitoring of your business or your online project.

Another of the great favors that this figure will do for you will be to make your company gain an advantage over the competitionThe reports will always contain analysis of competitor data. Their news, practices, sales, organic traffic, or where they link. There will be nothing of the competition that you do not know. Information destined therefore to be turned into an opportunity for your company.


Study or analysis, strategies, and programming are no longer enough. What characterizes a good SEO consultant when hiring their services is, among other issues, their ability to understand the requirements that search engines have in order to position themselves at the top.

The good results of the content in relation to the search engines justify more than enough that you demand good training when hiring this type of service.

In short, the reasons why having an SEO expert for your site are more than justified. There are plenty of reasons when it comes to betting both on the design and on the integration of this type of professionals into your project.

The success of your website is in your hands. Call us or enter our website and let our good professionals take care of the SEO positioning of your company.

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