The renewal of the DNI  is a procedure that we must carry out periodically. One of the keys to ensuring that it does not become a complicated task is to plan each of the steps that we must follow in advance. With a little planning and all the information, renewing the DNI will be an easier process. Keep in mind that the renewal can be done during the last 180 days of validity of the document so it is not necessary to leave it until the last moment.

How often the DNI is renewed

The DNI has a different validity period depending on the age of the user:

You can check the validity period of your ID in the lower right part of your national identity document.

How can I get an appointment?

Once you have verified that you must renew your ID, the first step is to request an appointment to complete the procedure. To do this,  use the website. At the bottom of the page, click Start the application to begin the process. They will ask you for the number and letter of your identity document, as well as the validity date and the issuing equipment that appear on it. After completing this information, the next step is to select the document that we want to update: DNI, passport or both.

You can request an individual appointment or multiple appointments. Multiple appointments is indicated for the first expeditions of minors or for those with dependents but it can also be requested for adults who want to renew it at the same time, up to a maximum of three companions.

Select the province in which the renewal will take place. Keep in mind that the Ministry of the Interior in this case offers you two options: selection of a speedy appointment or selection of expedition equipment. If you need to renew the DNI as quickly as possible, choose the first option and choose one of the offices of the marked province that are shown. If you have time, select the office closest to your home.

Next,  you must choose the date and time before moving on to the final appointment request screen. The last step you must take here is to complete the contact information: mobile number and/or email in which you will receive the confirmation of the appointment. When you click on Confirm,  you will already have your appointment to renew your ID at the requested place, date, and time.

Appointment request by phone

There is also the option of requesting a  prior appointment to renew the DNI by telephone. In this case, you must have the old document at hand to provide the information requested through the free number  060. It is a unique information number of the General State Administration for citizens. In it we can also cancel or modify previous appointments.

What documentation do I have to bring?

At the time of going to the renewal of our identity document we must provide the following documentation:

  • Last DNI. If it has been stolen or you have lost it, you must file a report or report the incident.
  • A recent color photograph of the face on a uniform white background of size 32×26 mm. In the photo the entire facial oval must be distinguished, dark glasses may not be worn and it must be taken with the head totally uncovered.
  • If you have changed your address with respect to your previous ID, present the certificate or registration form of the town hall where you currently reside.
  • If there are changes in your affiliation data, you must provide the Civil Registry Certificate  (issued no more than six months before the date of the appointment).

How much do you have to pay?

The rate of issuance of the DNI is a tribute that is renewed every year through the Law of the General State Budgets. The amount to be paid in case of renewal due to expiration, loss, theft, advance or deterioration is  € 12 . The fee can be paid directly at the time of renewal or also electronically. If you want to make the payment electronically, you must have a digital signature certificate and have already made the appointmentIf you decide to pay in offices, you can only do it in cash

The renewal of the DNI  is free in cases of data changes by address and/or by affiliation and also for people who prove that they are beneficiaries of the large family status. In the latter case, the valid card or title must be presented to demonstrate this status.

Special cases to renew DNI

Children under 14 and persons with judicial capacity supplemented

If the holder of the DNI to be renewed is under 14 years of age or we are talking about a person with judicially supplemented capacity, they must attend the appointment accompanied by their guardian or attorney-in-fact. In the event that she is unable to attend, she must fill in a  proxy form that will be delivered to the pertinent official at the time of the appointment since the delivery of the new ID must be done in the presence of the attorney-in-fact.


In case your document has been stolen, you should go to the police station as quickly as possible to file a complaint. You can also do it through the  Virtual Complaints Office. You will thus avoid problems in case of fraudulent use of it and you will be given a provisional receipt with which you can request an appointment to make a new ID. The steps to follow are the same as for the ordinary renewal, having to pay the fee of 12 euros.

Spanish people residing abroad are also obliged to renew their National Identity Document. They must follow the ordinary procedure and make the request for an appointment like any other citizen. Only in case of change of address must present a Certificate of accreditation of residence that can be requested at the corresponding consulate. These same people must also renew their DNI when they change their address to Spain.

Renewing the DNI requires meeting a series of requirements and simple steps that will allow you to have this essential identification document for carrying out numerous procedures with the administration and formalization of bank accounts, loans, and contracts as well as traveling in Europe, where you do not need the passport but have your valid ID.

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