Okay so we have some of the essential tools down now the first type of coding that you’re going to want to learn is html and css now i do have back end here as well because i do suggest that even if you plan on just building apis and working with databases and stuff like that i still recommend that you learn html and css you don’t have to be able to create you know extraordinary websites or anything like that but it’s something that i think every web developer should know also when we as we go through these slides you’ll see on the right here any youtube videos or playlists that i have that have to do with the the topic we’re talking about as well as any udemy courses that i have that are related to the subject so you’ll see that throughout the throughout the video so for html uh html5 obviously you want to learn page structure semantic tags like header section aside try not to use divs you know where you don’t have to basic css styling so colors fonts spacing with margin and padding positioning including absolute relative fixed etc alignment is really important and there’s a few ways to do it we used to use floats back in the day but now we have flexbox and css grid which have been a gods a godsend so at least learn flexbox if not both transitions and animations are pretty crucial for front-end developers a lot of uis have some kind of animation involved responsive design is extremely important there was once a time where making a website mobile friendly was kind of an add-on or an extra service but for the last i don’t know five or six years it’s basically a necessity everything you build should should look good on all screens so you want to learn media queries and fluid layouts so that your stuff looks good on all screen sizes. You may also be interested in learning about Local SEO.

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