Although efforts are now focused on Todd Howard’s space opera, the manager acknowledges that they are not forgetting the veteran Fallout.

Starfield , Bethesda’s new RPG series , is Bethesda Game Studios’ “ most hardcore ” project to date. Todd Howard , executive producer of the studio, acknowledges that they already have ideas for an eventual Fallout 5 , but right now the chain of priorities puts their new space opera and the successor of Skyrim , The Elder Scrolls VI, first . We will not see it in the short term.

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Speaking to IGN , Todd Howard hasn’t skirted the question, but he does alert his community that there are a number of projects underway that lie ahead of the next major iteration of Fallout, which since Fallout 76 in 2018 has seen a new conceptual approach that did not end up dazzling the general public.

Starfield, a Skyrim in space; available November 2022

With Fallout 5 they already have a draft with ideas about “what we want to do”, but the times dictate: “[…] I would like to find a way to accelerate what we do, but I can’t really say or commit to anything today, or when it’s going to happen , apart from saying that our cadence is Starfield and then Elder Scrolls 6 ”, he emphasizes convinced. Fallout 4 hit stores in November 2015 and was established as the last major numbered installment in a series that will surely seek new horizons in the future.

Returning to Starfield, this new intellectual property is felt as a “now or never” project. They had the tools, the resources, and the desire to foray into a space saga with features and structure similar to that of Skyrim .

Starfield is currently in full development with the goal of launching globally on November 11, 2022 on Xbox Series and PC; from day one on Xbox Game Pass . In case there is any doubt: it is not a temporary exclusive, it will only be released on Xbox and PC .

Source | IGN ; via GamingBolt