What happens when we put the terms “finance” and “technology” together? Well, we get a business cocktail with enormous potential on many levels. Despite its young age, the fintech sector is already one of the business areas that has shaken traditional banks. In this article we want to tell you what exactly is fintech and what is the situation of fintech in Spain .

What exactly is fintech?

The word fintech is born from the union of the English words “finance” and “techonology”, which we could translate as “financial technology” . Fintech companies or startups are looking for a way to offer innovative financial products always using ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). For this reason, most fintech companies make an app available to their clients from which to manage all the services they offer.

In Spain there are already more than 300 fintech and many of them are still in the initial or growth phase. However, it is estimated that 26% of these companies end up being profitable. The reason? They are occupying a market niche that was crying out for a technological transformation in the banking world.

Fintech Spain: what are the services offered?

That Spain occupies the 6th place in the ranking of countries in the world by number of Fintech at the turn of the century that we are says a lot in its favor. And it is a sector with a lot of potential; Thus, the f acturación of these companies is estimated at 100 million euros .

Most of the Fintech companies in Spain , a little more than half, focus on a B2B business model (that is, aimed at other companies). However, there is a significant 34% of fintech companies that offer their services to the end consumer.

And, what services do you offer exactly to your customers? Many of the Fintech companies in Spain are mainly dedicated to being an accessible platform for loans. However, they are followed by other services such as payments and collections, investment, financial infrastructure, foreign exchange or management.

Lending and crowdlending: loans and financing

Fintech companies that are dedicated to lending or crowdlending are the most popular in Spain. Its objective is to put companies in need of financing in contact with other companies interested in financing projects, either through credits, loans or private investment.

Financial transactions

Financial transactions that were traditionally requested at the bank have now been transformed. Users seek the comfort offered by performing operations from their smartphone or computer and transactions such as payments, deposits , transfers or wallets are easier than ever thanks to fintech.

Financial advice

The fintech companies in Spain are aimed at a public that knows the financial sector minimally and who loves to learn more about it, know their finances, know how to save or in which company to invest their money … The financial advisory services in the fintech intends, precisely that: to be the new technological manager of the population, advising on how to better manage their finances.

Currency exchange

The banking sector was, until recently, the only means of obtaining foreign currency . With the arrival of fintech companies, Spain can now get foreign currency at a more than competitive price and without having to travel, since most platforms send home deliveries directly.

Examples of Spanish Fintech

Fintonic is one of these Fintech applications, probably one of the best known in Spain. Its services range from account control and an alert service to loans and insurance (offered by traditional banking but that the user can manage from the app). An authentic combination between the new banking and the traditional one at the service of the user.

Another example is iAhorro , a comparison of loans, mortgages, microloans, cards and deposits through which the user can find out all the offers of traditional banking. Likewise, it makes available to the user a team of experts to resolve any doubts that may arise in the process.

After this brief analysis, it is to be expected that fintech companies in Spain will continue to grow and become a true competitor to traditional banking. For its part, the banking sector is also investing in the technological transformation necessary to adapt to the market. Thus, the world of fintech, with a great future, has interesting innovations in store for us.

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